whatever tomorrow brings

I keep having dreams that I’m back at Six Flags working, but only on weekends because I’m not available during the week (another job? school? I don’t know).

In these dreams, I’m the same age I was when I worked there, so about 20 years old. And I keep forgetting to check the schedule for the following week when I’m there, then I forget to call to check my schedule, which means I either show up when I’m not scheduled to work or I don’t come in when I’m supposed to.

It’s an anxious dream & even when I haven’t had the dream, it randomly pops into my head & produces a tiny bit of anxiety. Kind of like the dream where I dropped a class in college, except I forgot to actually submit the drop form & didn’t find out until finals week, when I had to take the final in a class I didn’t know anything about to try to salvage my grade in the class.

On a related note (kind of), I went to a birthday party over the weekend for one of the Jessica’s I met while working at the Flags. I worked there with her BFF Jessica H.* as well, so once she got to the party, we reminisced about our days with Bugs Bunny and the people we used to work with.

There was Jeff, the cute guy in HR that everyone would stare at while I said “Guys, come ON! We need to put the clothes away. Quit staring at Jeff!” on a pretty much daily basis (I had a little crush on him also, but tried to be less obvious about it). He & I also played a series of practical jokes on each other through the 2 years we were there at the same time. Like the time his car got covered in toilet paper. Or when he sent out a memo from “human resources” that they were cutting costs & I’d be getting a pay cut. Ah, good times.


From the picture, top row –

Amber, who was always interesting. Jessica H, who was always fun. Angela, the model, who was one of the biggest culprits of the Jeff-drooling issues. Bottom row – Tim, who took incessant smoke breaks & got a nickname he hated (and that stuck – even now) by Stacey (not pictured). Amanda, who was just a lot of fun to work with. And then me. The one in charge.

Not pictured – so many people. The other Jessica who had the birthday (we only worked together my very last summer there). Stacey, who I mentioned already, but who was (and still is) a nut – in a good way. Tina (aka Valentina) who I still talk to, even though she moved across the state a couple years ago. Sarah, who I lost touch with shortly after she got married, but who I thought of last Fall when one of the girls in my class looked remarkably like her and was even named Sarah. Jen, our illustrious leader during my final year at the park. And SO MANY other people who I remember from my five years in Wardrobe. Plus the people we became friendly with who worked in the park (instead of behind the scenes like us).

There are times I can not believe that it’s been 15+ years since I’ve seen some of these people (I was there from 1993-1998 with a year off in 1997). Some of the memories are as clear in my head as if they’d happened yesterday. Others aren’t as clear – when I hit 30, I started losing a bit of my brain power (or filling up my brain with yarn instead)**, so some things have been lost when I fill up my brain with knits, purls, stats, & public health stuff.


Other stories from the Flags: Hey, Macarena! and tablecloth togas. (Obviously, since the toga post, both J’s have wound up back in the StL or I wouldn’t have been at the party last weekend. The birthday girl & I even go to the same gym now.)

*They met in 1st grade & argued over who had the name first. Have been BFFs ever since.Which is phenomenal and AMAZING.

**thus implementing the “if I didn’t write it down, you didn’t say it” policy.