Step 1: Steal underpants. Step 2: ? Step 3: BIG PROFIT.

Once upon a time a fellow local blogger wrote about lounging around the house in underpants, at which time I was dragged into the fray based on this post, where I asserted that real women do not, in fact, lounge around the house in underpants and a t-shirt.

At that time, I was living with a roommate & if either of us had wandered around in just our underpants and a t-shirt, it would have been an uncomfortable situation all around.

Even when I first got my apartment & was living alone again, I still lounged around the house in full pjs – pants & t-shirt at a minimum. The longer I’ve lived alone, though, the more I can see the sense in the underpants lounging. Arguments for such are:
1. I sleep in said outfit, why take the extra trouble to find pants.
2. I never have unexpected guests & when I do it’s usually people trying to convert me to their religion. Imagine the response if I opened the door in my underpants. Or at a minimum, it’s a great excuse to NOT open the door.
3. In the summer I like to keep the a/c set a little high. No pants = saving energy by using less electricity = saving the world. That’s right, by not wearing pants, I am able to decrease my carbon footprint by setting the a/c at a higher temp. I’m doing it for the environment!

So, I officially declare the great underpants lounging debate a loss on my part. Although if you are a never nude, then feel free to wear as much clothing as you’d like around the house.


4 thoughts on “Step 1: Steal underpants. Step 2: ? Step 3: BIG PROFIT.

  1. I used to wear less around the house – until I moved to a condo on the first floor with windows right on the sidewalk. I refuse to live in a dark cave ergo I wear pants. (I guess an alternative would be infamy as the weird pantsless lady down the street.)

  2. sometimes I don’t even bother wearing that…..but I do avoid mirrors.

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