Unanswered questions.

After I got up from my extended nap yesterday*, I sat staring at my DVD collection wondering what to watch.**

I decided on another viewing of the Harry Potter movie franchise, or at least a viewing of the Sorcerer’s Stone. As I relived the movie, that first step into Hogwarts for our young heroes, I thought about their lives pre-Hogwarts.

Now, we all know that poor Harry didn’t have any friends thanks to his cousin’s behavior. But what about Ron & Hermione? Did they not have friends in their pre-Hogwarts time?

It would make sense that Hermione might lose touch with her muggle friends once she found out she was going to Hogwarts – she’d be at boarding school & unable to tell her friends what she was learning. Not to mention that friends grow up and grow apart at that age especially when they aren’t at the same schools. Add in the whole magic factor, and, well, we’re bound to not know anything about Hermione’s early friends if they did, in fact, exist.

But how about Ron? He grew up in a magical family. Yes, he had many brothers and a sister, but what about other kids his age? Would there be no friends of his that would also be at Hogwarts? Why were there no friends for Ron? WHY?

*The result of getting too hot at the baseball game and leaving in the 2nd inning. I was outside for about an hour and it was TOO MUCH.

**Similarly, I also stared at my knitting & wondered what to knit as I had finished the time sensitive project yesterday morning.


One thought on “Unanswered questions.

  1. I wonder about stuff like that more than I should probably admit. That’s what happens when Harry Potter is my go-to background noise when I have a knitting deadline, which is all the time. How come Harry and Hermione stayed at the Weasely’s all the time but Lee Jordan didn’t? Didn’t anyone think it was odd for Hermione to have overnight visits with Ron? Didn’t they get hot having to wear robes all the time?

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