breathing is the hardest thing to do

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There has been much going on lately between the graduations, the work situation (which I am not at liberty to discuss), and my complete inability to get my nose out of a book long enough to get ANYTHING done.

While I’m enjoying my rediscovered love for reading random stuff (I’m in a bit of a fluff phase at the moment, though), I have much to do and accomplish.

Like that 5k I want to be able to run.

30 minutes. Surely I should be able to work up to running for 30 minutes in early September, right? I haven’t tried to run in over a year, at least not more than a jog across the street in traffic. And my hip? Well we’ll just have to see how that is.

I actually had big plans to start training for this on Tuesday (when I started writing this post), but life happened. Or “I got home from work & it was too hot to leave again” happened.

But I’m planning to try the Couch to 5k program again. I’m hoping that I can actually run & even crazier, I’m hoping that I like it.

Other random bits:

  • Apparently the first weekend in June is very popular for events. I’m having my graduation lunch tomorrow and many people are unable to come because they’re going to other parties/weddings/whatever. It will be great with the people who are able to come, but I’m disappointed that some more of the family members aren’t able to make it.
  • I’ve noticed lately that there is an abundance of vampire-related books. I’m not even talking series (although there are a lot of them as well), but books that look like one-offs where the writer is trying to cash in on the trend. I swear to you – I was browsing through the library eBook list today & one of the books  was “The Vampire & the Virgin”. Um, SERIOUSLY? I grow tired of the vampire related books, although I do still find the Sookie Stackhouse books entertaining.
  • I thought there was more randomness, but I am apparently too tired from staying up much too late reading to remember what it was.

One thought on “breathing is the hardest thing to do

  1. You can do it, but don’t be upset if you don’t hit 5k in 30min. That’s a 10 min mile (plus a little push) and that’s a quick pace for a beginner. Just follow the plan and you will be able to run 30 min, then you can work up to hitting the mileage with a longer time. When I finished c25k I was at 2.5 miles, so I had to tack on a bit more for the race last year.

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