In which I watch the Biggest Loser & sit on the couch.

As I was driving home from work tonight & thinking about The Biggest Loser finale (no spoilers from tonight, I promise), I was thinking back to last weeks episode where we saw Daris gain 2 pounds while he was at home, thanks in large part to the stress eating.

I voted for him to get final 3, I liked him & really wanted him to do well during this next shot at home – figure out how to get over the stress eating & back on track.

And, well, I identify with the stress eating a little. I know how hard it is to break that habit. I’m actually less of a stress-eater and more of a stress-related-medicinal-Dr.-Pepper-drinker. Which, really, is just about as bad for you as some stress-ice-cream or stress-bowl-of-cereal or stress-ding-dongs. But for some reason, stress makes my brain want Dr. Pepper. Sometimes food, as well, but oh, the sweet sweet nectar that is Dr. Pepper*.

Anyway, what I’m saying is that it was exciting to see how he did at home. It was also exciting to see how well everyone did, really – the people looked AMAZING. For a cast that it took me a long time to warm up to, I was really excited to see them at the end. Although you can’t tell me that these people don’t know standing at the scale if they’ve lost enough weight to be #1 on the board (even temporarily). Like they wouldn’t be weighing at home. REALLY. (I want to interject specifics here, but I will not. Because I promised you a spoiler free post.)

Sometimes I wish I could take a chance to be on the show, but I don’t have quite enough weight to lose. I did when I started out, but barely (they want you to have at least 100 pounds to lose & even though my number is higher than it was, it’s still 25 pounds less than that). Then again, I’d probably be that girl the first episode falling off the treadmill.

Anyway (why do I write these things late at night? I start rambling.) I don’t even remember where I was going with this. People looked good, I want to get back on the horse (as it were) and maybe try the couch to 5k program again. If I can run. And if I can’t run, I can do just about everything else exercise-wise, so it’s not the end of the world. I just need to get back to it.

*Although I have, strangely, gotten to a point where I don’t like it in bottles, only from a fountain. So that generally keeps me away from it at work.


2 thoughts on “In which I watch the Biggest Loser & sit on the couch.

  1. I tend to be eating dinner when I’m watching TBL. That’s enough to cause a complex. Anyway, I was so proud of Daris, and he has such a great smile, I’m so glad he can’t wipe it off his face lately.

    I know what you mean about falling off the wagon. I have been trying to get back on the wagon for a couple weeks now and have just been flailing. I have to quit that shit right now.

  2. I really wanted to cry watching Daris and his evening pig-out. I’ve been doing that most of my life, and I know that horrible, guilty feeling that comes along with it. Physically and mentally it sucks, but you just keep going (i.e. I just ate most of a cheesecake and I feel like shit, but hey, since I fucked up, might as well eat this pizza too…and this…and this!). It’s so frustrating, and I don’t feel like I will ever conquer emotional eating and binge eating. Sorry…just needed to vent.

    Daris killed it with the marathon! What an accomplishment for all of them. It took me a while to warm up to this cast, too. I’m totally rooting for Ashley right now though :) And I loved the grey team, but I’m rooting for Daris over Koli…

    Oh, and in case you think I’m crazy…I don’t have cable or an antenna so I catch BL on Hulu. I’m still a week behind, they just had the marathon episode posted yesterday.

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