Life List, Item 26 – the heart echo

I once had a friend who was a writer, among other things. She would have been able to write about this in a humorous way, at least more than I can. But this was in the days before twitter, iPhones, and telling everyone what you had for lunch on a daily basis. Not that anyone cares what I ate for lunch, but some days it’s all there is to talk about. But as this is one of the items on my life list, I feel it necessary to at least attempt an update, funny or not.

Last Thursday I went to get my echo for my heart to try to figure out what is going on with me. I’d been getting palpitations and all that jazz, but had no idea why, especially since it was when I wasn’t really exerting myself.

So, I had some bloodwork done in March (or maybe even late February) that showed nothing unusual. Then weeks of phone tag with my doctor’s office ensued before I was FINALLY able to get the echo scheduled. I love my doctor, but sometimes her office staff is stretched a little too thin & appear to be dropping the ball. A lot. Which is why I have to be proactive and call them ALL THE DAMN TIME. (On the plus side, though, I was able to call & get a prescription for a z-pack last week without a lot of drama.)

Anyway, Thursday morning rolled around & I headed to the office with an empty stomach and dry mouth. The reason for no food or drink for 4 hours before the exam? Just because some people get sick when they exert themselves on the treadmill. I am not one of those people.

One of the things that I didn’t realize, though it makes perfect sense, is that I would have to do this all bra-less so the sticky adhesive pads could get to my heart area. Yeah. At least I didn’t have to run on the treadmill. That would have been painful.

Once I was stuck with about 80 gillion adhesive pads (or, um, 8 ) & hooked up to the monitor, there was a lot of waiting around. The tech took pictures of my heart before the treadmill, then we waited. Eventually the nurse showed up to check everything & get me on the treadmill. Then more pictures of my heart, and more waiting for the doctor during which the tech force fed me orange juice & graham crackers.

As it turns out, my heart is JUST FINE, thank you very much, but I am STILL getting the palpitations. Possibly panic and/or anxiety attacks, which I have never before had in my life, but I am NOT A FAN.

I think the worst part of the whole thing is that I STILL have a bit of adhesive residue, or at least a bit of skin damage where the adhesive was, and I can’t seem to get it taken care of. So annoying.


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  1. A friend of mine had this and it was stress combined with caffeine intake. She went cold turkey on the caffeine and took up yoga. Totally may not apply; but felt like I should throw that out there.

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