Life List, Item 24 – Dining out

Last Monday after my successful presentation, I gathered with a small group of friends* & we headed to the wilds of the county for dinner. Way way out in the county.

The restaurant we tried? Thai Kitchen at Dorsett & 270. It looks like a little hole in the wall next sandwiched between a bar and a dental office (if I’m remembering correctly).

Now, if you know me,  you know how I love my Thai food, especially all things curry. I can’t decide which curry sauce is my favorite, so I’ve taken to choosing what to order based on what I want in the curry. Monday, yellow curry was the curry of choice for me.

We started our meal with their fried tofu & the Thai Dumplings. The peanut sauce with the fried tofu left me wishing for the fried tofu at Pho Grand, although the tofu itself was good. The Thai Dumplings were quite delicious, although with a bit of kick I wasn’t expecting.

My yellow curry chicken was delicious, although after the spice of the dumplings it was a little much. I ate my fill & brought the leftovers home, which were again delicious a few days later (and the spice was easier to take).

I would definitely eat at Thai Kitchen again, although on our way back to the highway I noticed an Indian restaurant I might have to try if I’m out that way again.

One of the things I miss about my younger days is my ability to handle the spicy foods. I spent nearly 2 weeks in New Orleans when I was in my early 20s and ate my way through all the Cajun food I could get my hands on. One of my favorite Chinese dishes comes with 2-3 tiny dried chili peppers in it along with a healthy dose of pepper flakes. Spicy Indian food is yummy in my tummy. I love spicy foods. But my sometimes digestive system does not, so I usually play it safe.


Okay, I completely lost my train of thought. I was in the middle of writing this when Ziggy the Wondercat went ALL KINDS OF CRAZY and attacked Fiona Falafel (who he has been getting along with quite well lately). It’s been like 30 minutes & he’s still all hissy and growly (I had to separate them). I have NEVER seen him like that before & have NO IDEA what happened. He was sitting in the window in the living room & looked like he ate something he wasn’t supposed to, so I went to check him out. He jumped out of the window & attacked Fiona Falafel, yet she seems concerned about him.

Cats are very strange.

/end digression

So, um, I think I covered the restaurant & spicy foods stuff. I now have no paragraph to wind it up. Again, the cats are weird.

*Mindy & her husband and blogless Sharon. Kim was going to join us, but got hit with a terrible migraine. Migraines suck.


5 thoughts on “Life List, Item 24 – Dining out

  1. Oh! I’ve been there. Ben wasn’t in love (he got sick, but that’s also random) but they made me stuff off the menu so I was happy. The owners are really nice. Ben has an Indian place he loves loves loves in that area (actually, I think it is on Page)you should try if you are going to be in the MH hood.

  2. poor Fiona Felafel! Since you mention Ziggy was in the window, I expect what happened was that a cat outside got Ziggy all riled up and he took it out on Fiona. I hope peace has been restored.

  3. Way way out in the county! That’s hilarious because I can’t really remember the last time I ate outside the 270 loop yet when I tell my coworkers (who mostly live in IL or St. Chuck) about a great restaurant in the city they have a similar response to eating in the city as I do to eating outside the 270 loop. It’s like anything outside 270 is in the outlands….

  4. Try Bahn Mi So #1 at Grand and Gasconade. Everything, including a menu of spring rolls (get the tilapia) is made as it is ordered. It is a man and wife operation so patience is required but It is sooooo superior to Pho Grand….which was really good back in the day til it outgrew itself and fresh spring rolls.

    • I’ve actually been there. I don’t know if we hit it on an off night or what, but I was not a huge fan. I’ve heard good things about it from other people, though.

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