Life List, Part 2

34. Pet a stingray
35. Swim with dolphins
36. Have a cat named Hummus.
37. Travel Route 66 from beginning to end, stopping at the sights along the way.
38. Do a taco crawl on Cherokee Street.
39. Get my current tattoos redone/finished.
40. Celebrate my 35th birthday by doing something special &/or fun.
41. Have a house of my own.
42. Really learn to crochet. As in complete a blanket or some other large-ish crochet project so I can feel that I’ve mastered it. Unlike right now when I pick up the hook & only halfway remember what I’m doing.

Okay, YES. The second part is very short right now. But this is the end of the list as it stands right now. I will probably transfer the list over to a page on the blog so that it’s easier to update. And, of course, blog posts documenting everything along the way.

Now that I’m nearly done with my schooling (still a few tiny hurdles to clear before it’s official), I should have some time to work on these things. I hope.