she moves in her own way

I’m going to get to the yarn question posed by @shutterbitch in the post where I asked for topic ideas (and I’m still accepting ideas/questions, people!), but first a discussion of my weekend.

I spent part of Saturday at the Southern Illinois Sheep & Craft Festival in Waterloo with Kim. We got there early enough to purchase some lamb meat & also hit up the lamb lunch as soon as it started.

Yes, lamb lunch.
Delicious delicious lamb
What you see here is lamb 4 ways: bratwurst, burger, chop, & sliced and smothered in bbq sauce. I eventually made the decision to eat the burger without the bread so I wouldn’t explode & it was a good choice. Lamb burger? Good. The other ways were good, too, although the bbq sauce was a little too much.

Other than the lamb lunch, it was a small festival, which was really nice. We had the chance to walk around and check everything out, then make purchasing decisions. We also looked at the sheep, bunnies, & alpacas present. I think there was a llama in with the alpacas. There were angora bunnies there, but there were also just regular bunnies. If I didn’t have a two pet limit in my apartment, there was a slight chance I would have come home with a bunny. Because I temporarily lost my mind when confronted with their adorable (albeit terrified) little bunny faces.

Fleece! Alpaca Yarn

Other than the tasty lamb, I came home with a couple bits of alpaca fleece that Kim is going to spin into pretty yarn for me. The sheep fleece in the picture up there is one Kim actually came home with. She was making her way over to it as I was thinking it was very cool looking & taking the picture.

After a lovely nap, I got to work on the last few rows of my Aeolian shawl. There is one row towards the end that can really make a person question their sanity – a bead almost every other stitch. Nearly 200 beads on the one row. That row took me hours. Multiple. But it looks awesome, so it was totally worth it. I did the bind off this morning, which also took hours. But now it’s blocking, so you can expect a proper post after a photo shoot later this week.

Yes, I was supposed to be working on my Featherweight cardigan, but I got to the point on the shawl where I became obsessed with finishing it. And now that I have that project off the needles, I can get down to business on the cardigan. I’m over halfway through the increase rows, so it’s coming along.

And now I should get some sleep. I have big plans to get back to some exercise routine starting tomorrow (as long as I’m not actually coming down with a cold, which my body seems to think I am – achy all over, runny nose, day 2 of a headache. Signs are not good. *sigh*)