I will be chasing the starlight

I had big plans to post more once I was done studying. But, well, unless you want stories about the cats discovering how to play in my toilet, I’m afraid I don’t have much going on.

YIP 334.365 Yarn Bouquet
I’m a dork. And hey, it’s SPRING!!

  • I’m making a bit of progress on the sweater. I just need to NOT do the math for how many stitches I’ll be working at once.
  • I have a tentative week for my case redo. Looks like it might be the last week of April. So I’m going to spend some of my time reviewing the analysis and such that threw me for a loop last time. I may get a different analysis, I may get the same type. I am kind of hoping for the same type since they know it’s a “weak” area, that way there’s a measurable improvement between the first time and the next.
  • Netflix has added Bones to their “watch instantly” section, along with a few other shows in my DVD queue. This is bad bad news. I made it through 3 discs worth of episodes in like 2 days. I was so engrossed in watching that I forgot to watch the new episode of Castle that was on Monday night. (Related: I wish I had a DVR. Even though I don’t have cable.)
  • I’m heading to the Illinois Sheep & Craft Festival this weekend. I’m looking forward to the lamb lunch. I mean, LAMB. YUM.

And with that, let’s see if anyone actually reads my blog anymore – suggest a topic for me to write about in the comments & I’ll try to write about it. It might not be good, but it’ll be something.


One thought on “I will be chasing the starlight

  1. Good luck with your case redo!

    I think you should write about the scrumptious yarn in that photo. Or your stash. Or how you keep your cats from playing in your stash. If the toilet is a diversion, it’s kinda brilliant. Or how about the state of your WIPS? Or when you know you should frog already and be done with boat anchor projects.

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