43 Days

From my flickr description:

I have 43 days until graduation. Can I manage to finish my coursework & internship, get through my final presentation, and knit a laceweight cardigan to wear with my cute graduation dress I’ve already purchased?


Am I insane for trying it?


I decided today that I needed to make a cute little something to wear over my sleeveless dress* for graduation. May in St. Louis – it can be iffy. And even if it’s nice outside, I might need a little extra warmth inside. My ceremony is in a very old stone church. It could be drafty in there.

Will I finish? Who knows. At least it should be a fairly easy knit, if I can get past knitting with laceweight yarn.

I really am insane.

*Actually, I scored two options because I couldn’t decide. And hey, each one was $30 and shipping was free. I figured even if one wouldn’t work, I could return it.


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