Yet I find repeating in my head

If you follow me on twitter, you probably already know that I’m doing a bit of struggling with food right now.

A bit. I say that as if I just ate an extra cookie one day. In reality, I’m doing a lot of stress eating. I am stressed about my comps in a little under two weeks, so when I feel it most, I reach for something to munch on or a Dr. Pepper, that sweet sweet nectar of goodness.

I tried to regain a bit of control earlier this week by chewing some sugar-free gum when I wanted to chew on something. Unfortunately for me, sugar free gum contains aspartame, that artificial sweetener that wreaks havoc on my digestive system. By the third piece of the day, I could tell I needed to stop chewing the gum. It was helping, but it was also hurting. I was fine, but I knew that another piece could send me over the sweetened edge. Unfortunately, that third piece was right after lunch – I still had the 3pm snack time to contend with.

It did not go well. Eating the past couple weeks has not gone well. And, well, I’m starting to feel it. So even though I’m sure I’ll still be stress eating, I need to make an effort to make some of that healthy stress eating. I can still indulge in small things, but I need to replace some of the bad with good. Like delicious fruit or veggies. Less bread, more…something. Carrots, maybe?

I also spent about 10 minutes yesterday after speaking to my doctors office* reading about a “heart healthy” diet and getting quickly overwhelmed. They didn’t tell me I needed to do that, but after seeing the numbers from my blood work, I know I need to eat better. It’s pretty clear that I’ve eaten like crap for a couple weeks now & have not been exercising like I should.

Of course, as Rachel & I so wisely discussed then, we know HOW to eat healthy, but doing it is so very very hard. Especially if you are cooking for one person. I can cook for 2-4 people, sometimes even more than that. But cooking for just me? Difficult. Frozen vegetables are not often packaged for one person (or the ones that are don’t have quite enough veg in the package for me). Rice packages don’t tell you how to make one serving. Leftovers often stay in my refrigerator until I see them and go “Oh, crap! How long has that been there?!” I don’t like to eat the same thing for 6 meals & unfortunately I don’t have the freezer space to freeze a lot of my leftovers (like soups, stews, etc). I need to figure this out. How do I make enough food and a variety of food** for me to have AT MOST 1 meal of leftovers? (I don’t really expect answers, although I won’t discourage you if you have them. I just need to spit this out.)

*The same office who should have called me like 2 weeks ago, but had my phone number wrong. And then who still didn’t call me for another week until I called them. Then they even called with incomplete information when I know the reception person wrote it all down because he read the note back to me. *sigh*

**I can do frozen fish in single-serve packages. But after about 2 days, I need something a little bit different.


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  1. “The Pleasures of Cooking for One” by Judith Jones is a fabulous cookbook. She was Julia Child’s editor. There are other “cooking for one” cookbooks out there. The biggest challenge is taking the time to cook and not just rely on prepackaged dinners.

  2. I just braved the convenience store in our building and decided sunflower seeds were a good choice – and they have every snack food known to man in there. I figure at least it’ll take me a while to eat them and noone can see me in my cube spitting shells into a coffee cup.

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