I've got to get out

I feel like I was barely home over the weekend, probably because I wasn’t.

After a bit of planning insanity, Friday night saw me out with the crew because J-Dawg was in town. We dinnered at BARcelona in Clayton, where there was much tasty food and way too much dessert. Delicious delicious dessert. After that, we headed to catch Alice In Wonderland in 3D. The 3D didn’t bother me, although it was NOT worth the added cost of admission. So I don’t think I would see another 3D movie unless they come up with a way to let you keep the glasses & not have to pay the extra $3. LAME. The movie itself, however, I LOVED. Mindy, Mr. Mindy, & J-Dawg did not feel the same way, but I’m okay with that.

Saturday, I went to Freeburg, IL for an introductory weaving class. Actually, I signed up myself & 4 of my knitting friends to go out to a farm in the middle of nowhere (okay, it was only about an hour away from St. Louis) and learn from a lady who’s been weaving for a really long time. We were there for about 6 hours weaving our little fingers off.

It was a good introduction to weaving, and a great way to find out if you want to start it as a hobby without spending too much money (we paid $40 per person for the 6 hours or so we were there & brought our own yarn. She had warped the looms for us, too) I totally want my own loom now.* Now I know what to do with all those variegated yarns I’m drawn to and just LOVE, but have trouble deciding what to knit with them. It was not, however, really enough time to make a long enough scarf for it to be wearable. Mine ended up about 40 inches long.

YIP 312.365 My first woven (although short) scarf
My edges were a little wonky – I couldn’t seem to find the right amount of tension to keep them even, then when we started running out of time, I got anxious and have a little section where the edge is way tighter than the rest of the scarf. We could, of course, attribute some of that to the 32oz of Dr. Pepper I drank, too.**

On the way home, we finagled our way by looking at the map on my iPhone so we didn’t have to drive through East St. Louis in the dark. I couldn’t get the directions to work, but I could get the map pulled up and scroll around it to find an alternate route. We stopped at Taste of India/Tandoori Hut for dinner once we hit the city again & ate our food family style. Oh, it was so good and a great way to try some different things that you don’t always see on the lunch buffet. And the Lamb Tikka Masala? So good I had the leftovers for dinner last night. Yummeh.

Sunday was a typical one – I spent the morning cleaning, lost an hour to the time change, went to knit group, went grocery shopping for Passover (okay, I just wanted the macaroons. Those bad boys are delicious & passover-friendly means HFCS free!). I also got a little study time in & watched a couple episodes of Buffy. Yeah, I’m JUST getting into it now. Whatever.

*Side note: Several years ago my mom bought a loom at a yard sale or some such thing. It was before I started knitting & I could not imagine what she wanted this thing for. It stayed in my closet at their house in like 3 boxes for YEARS. So after she passed away, I’m 90% sure we got rid of it. At that time I still had no idea what it was for/why she wanted it. I am KICKING myself for that now. Who knows if it was even a loom I’d be able to use, but still…

**I’m going off it after I take my Comps in two weeks. OMG. TWO. WEEKS. I may have a panic attack now.