Long road to ruin

I am stressed out. There is so much going on right now that I can’t think straight, which is problematic since I need to be studying for my Comps* that are 3 weeks from today. Holy crap.

Last Tuesday my stress reached a level rarely seen & I just realized “Fuck it. I’m going to be fat until after my exams.” Not that I’m just going to let myself go, but when stressed out, the body holds onto the weight. Even if I go to the gym 7 days a week, I don’t think I’ll lose weight until I de-stress some. *sigh* Right now, it’s all about maintenance.**

Late last week those of us who have comps got the tentative schedule listing our time, day, & committee members. I’m sure IT WILL BE FINE, but I have one committee member that increases my anxiety level. It’s not that I think he would be any tougher to deal with than anyone else, but that I’ve had him for several classes & I don’t always understand his questions. So I know the answer, but I don’t know if I’m answering the question he’s asking. ANXIETY.

Just. Keep. Breathing.

On the plus side, this week is Spring Break, which means no class tomorrow! And today brings about the first GORGEOUS 70 degree day we’ve seen this year. It’s beautiful outside, yet I am stuck inside for another hour. At least tonight is also knit night. WOO!!

*Oral Comprehensive Exams. 5 core courses, 2-3 questions on each. 20 minute case presentation based on your concentration that you get 24 hours before the exam. 3 committee members randomly assigned to you.

**I still plan to get in 3 good workouts a week because it will help rebuild my endurance & get me in gear once I have time to breathe again.


One thought on “Long road to ruin

  1. Breathing is a great strategy. I recommend snacking on proteins to help you maintain… try a little poached chicken, boiled eggs or raw almonds, eat a lot of spinach & green veggies, avoid most fruits or eat in extreme moderation, and of course no bread, cookies, crackers, (aka yummy stuff).

    Stress is universal and is on the rise: yesterday I found out that I can’t actually afford to go back to school (exactly 1 week before my first class starts) because I’m about $4,000 short. A major work project has resulted in posturing and daily battles for control. The carpeting I was hoping to buy for my son’s room is $685, not the $200 I’d imagined, and I forgot to take the trash out to the road Monday night (it’s full).

    You have my sincerest empathy. Best wishes for your comps. I know you’ll do great!

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