The Olympics, Figure Skating, & a FO

Growing up with my mom, I watched a lot of figure skating on tv. Really, A LOT. Somehow, it worked it’s way into my brain and I enjoy watching it.

Although I don’t seek out figure skating on television other than during the Olympics, if I’m flipping through the channels and there’s a little figure skating on, I’ll watch it. It’s also good background for getting some simple knitting done. Nothing where I can’t watch tv & knit at the same time, though.

Thank goodness I chose a simple-ish project for the Knitting Olympics (or Ravelympics, since I was part of a team on Ravelry), especially with all the figure skating, snowboarding, and skiing I watched.

The object was to cast on during the opening ceremonies & have a completed project by the end of the closing ceremonies 16 days later. Doable. I chose Damson because the miles of garter stitch is a challenge for me – it’s not hard, but I have a bit of knitter’s ADD & garter stitch really brings it out – I do a lot of the “oooh, shiny!” when I’m doing garter stitch. Honestly, half the time I get bored and move to another project. And yet I love the squooshiness of garter stitch – it’s just so…smooshy. I love it. SO MUCH. So I needed to break through the wall.


Based on a ravelry conversation with Kate, I decided to skip the knitted border & bind off normally, then do a crocheted border instead. Initially (& while I was still wokring on the garter section), I wasn’t sure I wanted to do that – I’m not THAT comfortable with a crochet hook. But then I saw that I’d have to bind off 540-something stitches instead of 330-something and I made my decision. I bind off too tight almost every time, so I figured I’d give the crocheted border a try.

In the end, it went quickly. I bound off & did most of the border at knit night, finishing the last bit of it at home that evening.

Pattern: Damson by Ysolda Teague
Yarn: Plucky Knitter Merino Cashmere Nylon Fingering in Nicholas & Alexandra (Plucky Classics, December 2008)
Needles: Size 6 KP Options
Started: February 12, 2010. Finished: February 24, 2010.
Notes: I bound off after row 107 using a size 8 needle & my standard stretchy bind off.* I then used the loop from that final stitch to start my crocheted border, sc into the first 3 stitches, *ch5, sc into 3rd stitch from previous sc* repeat between * until 3 stitches remain, sc 3. Voila! (Again, big thanks to Kate for the idea for this border).

It turned out fabulous, even if I did have lots of help while I was trying to pin it out and block it.
YIP 295.365 Helping

You can see why my FO pictures contain fur now, right?**

While I loved the Olympics, it’s been great to have the TV back to normal this week (and to be able to get to sleep at a normal hour).

*Courtesy of Grumperina:

Work 2 sts in pattern (either knit or purl). Move yarn to back (if the last worked st was a knit, this is already the case). * Transfer the 2 worked sts to the LH needle, and k2togTBL. Work 1 st in pattern (move yarn to back if it was a purl), * repeat between *.

**I tried to get a couple modeled shots at knit night (Thanks, Mindy!), but my hair was horrible & I was wearing a brown sweater. Which means they didn’t turn out good enough for me to post THROUGH NO FAULT OF THE PHOTOGRAPHER. I just suck. :P