In which the internet makes life easier (A review)

If you’ve known me for any amount of time, you know my feelings towards Valentine’s Day. I still feel that it’s a Hallmark holiday, though I do hate it a bit less vehemently than I used to. I’m more apathetic about it with a tiny bit of misplaced rage thrown in at least once. Like when the candy shows up in the store almost before Christmas is over. Whatever.

Anyway, even though I’m single, when I was offered a chance to get some new undergarments courtesy of Lane Bryant, I went for it.

(This is where I note that I was given a gift card & said I’d blog about my shopping experience and all that jazz. Click just below here to keep reading)

I didn’t HAVE to buy undergarments, but it just so happened that I needed a couple new (and cute) bras added to my wardrobe. Sometimes a girl just needs something bright and cheerful hiding under her sweater.

Knowing that my size is difficult to find in stores, even though they specialize in plus sizes, I decided to go online this time.

I’ve had issues in the past with finding bras I love, then having them discontinued or the styles changing just enough that they’re no longer comfortable. It’s entirely possible that I was also getting the wrong size then, too. But since I’ve had a proper fitting & the girls don’t seem to shrink (at least not enough to reduce the size) with my weight loss (or gain. But that’s a story for another day), I knew what size to order this time.

There’s really not a lot one can say about bra shopping online. I got a couple colorful numbers to add to my wardrobe because beige is boring – I think I spent $20 of my own money this time to cover the shipping and the little I went over the $50 on my gift card. Considering that one bra in my size runs $35-$40, sometimes more, that wasn’t too shabby.

My only beef, and a very minor one at that, is that one of the bras is WAY brighter in person than I expected. I mean, you can probably see it from space. But I wanted color & fun, so it definitely delivers.