all the simple things you are

I have made my triumphant return to the gym after a month away (other than a couple random evenings there) during physical therapy. Really, it’s more like 2 months away as I didn’t get there much during December, either.

And you know what? I got my ass KICKED.

I went to a Step class last night, which I’ve done before, but when I was in better shape. It was brutal. BRUTAL. I hit the wall about 20 minutes in, but powered through. About 15 minutes later, I caught my second wind, or at least no longer felt like I was going to die at any minute. So even though I didn’t get a lot of the arm movements down with the legs, I stuck with it. I made it through. And I realized ONCE AGAIN how easy it is to lose any endurance you’ve built up by working out.

Naturally, I followed up my triumphant return with a complete inability to walk. I twisted my ankle tonight on my way to knit group, which will result in at least a few days off from workout central now. *sigh* Luckily it’s not too serious, but enough to be annoying.

As for food, I’ve come to the realization in the past couple weeks that I am a stress eater. When I get stressed out, I head straight for the chocolate & Dr. Pepper. That’s been happening more often lately, so I’m having a lot of trouble calming the cravings. If anyone has good replacement options that will NOT make me want to run out and get soda & candy, I’d love to hear them.