I've got the blues

I seem to have declared 2010 the year of blue. Or at least the first quarter of the year, that is.

YIP 272.365 A Study in Blues

I currently have 5 projects in varying shades of teal on the needles. I just can’t seem to help myself, I have always loved the blues. Pictured above: Verity (a slouchy beret), Aeolian (beaded shawl), Saroyan (scarf/shawl), & Some Cloudy Day (legwarmers for my poor numb legs). All of these I’ve started in the last month. Not pictured? My giant tweedy shawl that will be fabulous once I get back to it, if I don’t get tired of looking at all the teals first.

2010: Teal is the new black.


One thought on “I've got the blues

  1. but teal is such a great colour!! lol. I’m sure they will all be gorgeous in their own way, and as long as you don’t’ wear them all at the same time, you’ll be fine!

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