I don't miss you at all


I’m heading to dinner tonight with my dad & his girlfriend (D-squared from here on out) & I’m planning my dinner already. The GF wants some Mexican food, so we’re hitting a chain between my place and theirs.

I just looked at the menu – HOLY HELL, y’all. There is very little on there for someone actually trying to watch what they eat. Most of the meals are over 1000 calories by themselves, not to mention the amount of fat & sodium in each one. YIKES.

I’ve been off track for so long that I’ve forgotten how hard it can actually be to eat out and stay in my daily calorie/fat/sodium “budget”.

It’s no wonder so many Americans are so freakin’ fat – just looking at the menus at restaurants that have enough calories for an entire day, enough fat for a week, and enough sodium to shoot your blood pressure through the roof is enough to make me feel like I’ve overindulged.

It’s good that I’m looking at the menu & nutrition info ahead of time because it’s reiterating that I really need to take a good look at what I’m eating & make sure to track everything.

But HOLY HELL, y’all.


One thought on “I don't miss you at all

  1. Order fajitas and don’t eat the tortillas. That is probably the best you can do in a tex-mex place.

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