Come on baby, finish what you started

I’m trying this update in a stream of consciousness* thing – updating during the week whenever I want to add something in.


My jeans are too tight. They fit fine while I’m standing up, but sitting at my desk? Not so much. Sonofabitch.

Related – the WeightWatchers thing is tough. I’ve been comparing calorie intake to points. Yesterday I went over on points for the day, but still only had about 1500 calories. WTF? Must learn to snack on veggies. They are 0 points. Mostly. Apparently more than 5 baby carrots in one sitting accumulates a half a point.

I also need to get to the gym. The 30 Day Shred DVD kicks my ass, but I’m too easily distracted at home by all the things I need to do. I need to find a schedule and stick to it unless I am dying.


The yoga mat I left on the living room floor last night is mocking me. I got distracted by all the things I needed to get done and didn’t work out, instead spending the hour between 9 and 10 scuttling randomly around the apartment picking up items here and there and (mostly) getting them back to their proper locations while Scooby Doo met the Globetrotters in the background. The mat is a reminder that I did not work out yesterday & I did not get up as I promised myself I would this morning to workout.

I have, however, completed my at-home physical therapy exercises as instructed (twice a day) every day this week. I am rocking the stretches and clamshells. Baby steps.

After my spectacular failure last night, I hopped over to facebook and declared that I would join my old friend Jessica in a rousing edition of “don’t fall off the step bench” next Tuesday at 7pm. I may miss the first hour of The Biggest Loser, but I can deal, hopefully becoming a big loser myself.  Besides, it’s available online by the next day.

1opm: Just finished my workout with Jillian (30 Day Shred). 20 minutes and I’m actually wheezing. WHEEZING. When did this happen to me? I was getting stronger and now I feel like I’m starting over. Amazing how quickly you lose the strength** when you don’t use it.


I seem to have hurt myself on Wednesday during my 30 day shred workout. Nothing serious, but I strained a muscle in my calf, so I decided to rest it some over the weekend. Don’t want to make things worse, y’know.

On Friday, I gave up on sticking with WW for the week. I did not do well on my first full week, but I am figuring out what are the better choices since I’m paying attention to more than just calories in/calories out now. I did just maintain the weight this week, so at least I didn’t gain with my terrible eating.

Finish what you started
As for the picture, Angie has declared 2010 the year to finish things we’ve started, so I’ve added myself to the group. I’ve still got a long long way to go on the weight loss front & I really think I can get the last 60 pounds off by the end of the year if I can buckle down and get back on track. Tide Whiff Wise!

I have big plans to hit the gym for the Drills to Make You Sweat class tomorrow morning (off work for the holiday). If I can just get back into the groove, things will be fine. I hope.

*As an aside, I have NEVER spelled that word correctly on the first try. Thanks be to Firefox for having a spell check built in.

**I just finished reading Such A Pretty Fat & now I totally want to use “strongs” a la Jen Lancaster when I talk about this. Perhaps once I regain some of my strongs I’ll use it. :)