You say it's the new year

I’ve been trying to think about some new goals for 2010 – things I want to accomplish this year. Things I will actually accomplish this year. Those shiny new goals for a shiny new year again.

Of course, I started 2010 by spilling water all over my computer & knitting bag, so I’m going to hope that was a fluke & not foreboding of the year to come. There was no permanent damage, at least.

Healthwise:  I really feel like getting my hip better is going to help me in the long run – make it easier to get back on track. Once I realized that I plateaued the same time I hurt myself, I started to feel less discouraged on the whole thing. So the goals:

  • Do the 30 Day Shred workout every morning before work for at least the first 30 days.
  • Get to the gym at least 3 days a week in addition to that (on days I’m not in physical therapy for the next several weeks).
  • Do my PT exercises at home like I’m supposed to.
  • Once I get my hip better, start training for a run again. I don’t know that I’ll actually do a 5k or anything, but I still want to try to run & see how I do.
  • Re-evaluate my diet/food intake. Try to stay on track calorie & fat-wise. Take lunch & appropriate snacks to work since that’s where it all seems to fall apart.
  • Figure out how to cook for one. Or even two – one serving of leftovers is better than 5.

Yarnwise: I am not going to yarn diet officially. It doesn’t work for me. Right now I have no need or desire to buy yarn, so I’ll go with that as long as possible.

  • I had so much fun picking out patterns & knitting my holiday presents from stash that my goal is to knit from stash as much as I can. I like finding a pattern I want to do, then finding yarn I already have that will work for it.
  • I’m going to put those colorwork mittens or mitts on here again. I really want to do a pair & I even have the yarn for a couple different options in stash already. I just need to pick a pattern and go for it.
  • I still want to do some charity knits/crochet projects like the little pads for Stray Rescue/other animal rescue groups.
  • I currently have 9 knitting projects going. I will either finish or frog them all. There’s only one that I’m debating on the finish or frog right now, so that’s at least 8 projects I need to finish. For the record, the 9 projects are: Golden Autumn Hat (test knit for the Plucky Knitter), Garnet Ridge Cowl (I started this last night because I am insane), my dad’s flip-top mittens, the Blue Boneyard Shawl, a baby blanket, Shedir, my Swirling Inferno Socks, Gothic Arch Socks, and the kitchen/bathroom rug out of t-shirt yarn (all links are to ravelry). Still hibernating indefinitely are my neopolitan knee socks. No point in finishing if they’re going to wind up too big in 6 months.


  • While I’ve put off the London trip to 2011, I’d like to take a fun graduation/birthday trip this year somewhere on the continent. I don’t know where or when at this point, but hopefully somewhere I haven’t been. I want to go several places – Montana for an outdoor type-trip; Portland, Oregon draws me in with their promise of Maple Bacon Donuts; Chicago still needs a chance to woo me again; I could keep going, but I won’t.
  • I want to get my cover-up tattoo on my shoulder this year. I’ve been thinking about it forever now, I have the idea, I just need to commit the money and make sure it’ll work to cover what I’ve got going on. I also want to get the one on my arm “finished”, but I don’t want to do it without at least Sally around (if not also Cassie & Kate), even if she doesn’t do anything else to hers. I have the art for it, just need to be able to do it.
  • I want to go out more – see some concerts, etc. I have a great group of friends I see a lot & I do enjoy chilling at home and all, but I feel like I need to get out more if I don’t want to wind up as the crazy cat lady. :)
  • I also want to read more – not textbooks or magazines, but books. Even if they’re fluff, they count. I’ll try to keep track on GoodReads since I already have that account set up. :)

I think that’s it. I know there are other things I’d like to accomplish this year, but since I think that this last semester of school will take up a bit of time, especially with my internship, oral comprehensive exams (comps, if I mention them again, which I’m sure I will), and this last class I have to take. Can I say it again? LAST SEMESTER!! WOO!


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