why oh why would I want to be anywhere else

2010 did not start off well for me.

Shortly after midnight I got off the couch to go to sleep & spilled water all over my computer & knitting. No permanent damage, but not a great way to start the year.

During the day, I burned the crap out of my finger on my toaster. Don’t ask. It was stupid.

I got strangely depressed while putting Christmas away. I’m going to chalk it up to a tiny bit of SAD.

This can not be representative of how the year will go. Hopefully I just got the crap out of the way early.

I did, however, enjoy putting together some photo mosaics for the year.

2009 in pictures.
2009 in review – a picture a month.

2009 FOs.
My finished knitting projects for 2009. There were 32 of them. I feel productive. Granted, half of them were completed between September & December, so I was more productive at the end of the year.

2009 Other Crafty Stuff
My other completed crafty projects for the year. Not nearly as prolific as the knitting, but still fun to look back on.