Let the music play*

As you know, it’s the end of the year. So, let’s see how I did on those goals I set last year:

  • First and foremost is getting in shape/getting healthier. Even though I started working towards this in September, I set a goal to get down to a specific weight by the end of August. At this moment, I am 43 pounds away from that goal weight, so it’s completely doable. I joined up with a nearby “fitness club”/gym this week, so that should help with this one, too. Okay, so this was going well until May when I simultaneously hurt my hip training for a 5k  & lost my trainer. I got started with a new trainer, but didn’t lose anything with him. As I mentioned earlier this week, I essentially maintained my loss (although I did gain 3-5 pounds) throughout the rest of the year. I also updated my goal weight, which I am ~60 pounds away from. Eeek.

In the world of yarn:

  • I want to learn to crochet (more than crocheting a border on something). I have the hooks, I have yarn, I have a book. I should be able to do this. I can do basic crochet stitches and such now, but I haven’t completed a single crochet project this year.
  • I want to do some charity knitting/crocheting. I’ll probably make a bunch of snuggly things for the cats at Stray Rescue and maybe even some more cat toys (although I still have the ones I made before to donate). Didn’t happen. I kept thinking I had more time, then I embarked on the whole Handmade Holidays thing and *poof* the year was gone.
  • I will finish four of the five knitting projects I have on the needles. The one I probably won’t finish is the knee highs I started in June. (Currently on the needles to finish: February Lady Sweater, Scrunchable Scarf, Dashing Mittens, Bittersweet Socks.) I finished 3 of the 5 & frogged one. The Dashing Mittens got frogged early on – they were too big & bulky in the yarn I was using. I finished the February Lady Sweater in February (rav link), the Scrunchable Scarf on January 1 (rav link), and the Bittersweet socks lingered for a while – I finally finished them in August & just wore them for the first time last week (rav link)
  • I want to make a pair of colorwork mittens (or armwarmers/mitts). Um, I made a colorwork hat. Does that count?
  • Finally, the yarn diet. It is on again. As I mentioned in a previous post, I have a gift certificate that should take care of most of my yarn needs for the year when combined with what I have in my stash. I should just quit making this a goal. I mean, it’s a nice one and all, but I always find something I have to have. Although doing Handmade Holidays entirely from stash or trade was awesome.


  • I want to make another weekend trip to Chicago sometime.  I generally love Chicago, but the last two trips haven’t been great (I blame the hotel location), so I want to have a good trip there again. Maybe Stitches or BlogHer? Nope, neither. Mindy & I did make a brief trip to Chi-town, but it was for a funeral, so not so much on the fun front.
  • I’d like to go somewhere I haven’t been before, although I haven’t planned anything at the moment. There are a lot of places I want to go, both within & outside of the US. I went to Detroit for a day. And other than flying in the first time I went to Michigan, I hadn’t been to Detroit before, so that’s something. I did finally get my passport this year, too, so I can leave the country on a whim if I ever wanted to. WOO.

Okay, so I did not do well on the goals for the year at all. I’ll have to be better next year, even though some of them will be very close to ones I set this year. :)

Since I didn’t accomplish many of those goals, let’s see what I did do:

  • I walked a 5k. Which doesn’t seem like much, but I did it with Mindy & Karen (& Shannon who ran it) and it was kind of awesome. We did the whole thing in about an hour, which was impressive considering the crowd.
  • I went on a 5.2 mile hike with Mindy & her Mr. Simon & Riley joined us as well, and even though Simon wound up covered in ticks, it was a good hike.
  • I successfully completed what was probably the most difficult class of my MPH coursework. WOO.
  • I discovered my new favorite sport – DERBY.
  • I’ve done a lot of knitting. A Lot. I also fell in love with the small shoulder shawls you can make out of a single skein of fingering weight yarn. They are awesome.
  • I added a new cat to my home – Fiona Falafel. She and Ziggy are getting better, but there’s still a lot of hissing and fighting going on.
  • I learned about embroidery & did a few small projects. Like this one.
  • I started planning a celebratory trip overseas, which has now been pushed back to Spring of 2011 at this point. BUT the big obstacle – my lack of passport – has been dealt with.
  • Inspired by Nupur‘s Bookmark Project, I started trying to cook my way through my bookmarks folder & recipe books. I think I have enough things bookmarked to keep it going for a few years. I’m blogging my experience at the Kitchen Mirror about twice a month.

*I don’t know why, but I have a random earworm of this song right now.