I went shopping & lived to tell the tale

I was recently provided a gift card to go shopping at Lane Bryant and blog about the experience. I agreed because it’s a store I’ve frequented and 90% of my pre-weight loss wardrobe came from there.* So yes, this is a compensated review.

When I was approached about this I initially thought it would be quick and easy. Trip to store, find something I love, buy it, blog about it, and have something new to show for it. I figured I’d be in and out of the store in 30 minutes or less, just like when you order pizza.

I was wrong. Although there’s a happy ending, it wasn’t all that easy after all.

(The story & such after the jump.)

I visited the branch that is in a strip mall & right next door to my gym, which has always been a little sketchy. The employees are always nice and that’s not the problem. But the stock there is questionable. I am now in an 18/20 in tops for the most part and there was not one thing in that branch of the store that I could find in my size that I would wear.

Let’s face it – I’m a jeans and sweater kind of girl. I wanted to get something nice to wear when I hang with the family at Christmas, not my Target or Walmart sweaters than they’ve already seen 18 times since they’re the only ones that fit me right now. Shiny does not work for me, nor do short or 3/4 length sleeves mid winter. I don’t do button downs unless I’m wearing a suit. “Dressing up” at work means I wore khaki pants instead of jeans.

I have free money and can’t find anything to spend it on. There were all of 2 sweaters in the shop I thought were my style, neither available in my size. Let me reiterate that I’m mid-spectrum on the plus-sizes & these are popular sizes. I don’t understand why they aren’t kept in stock. It seems that no matter what size I am, I can’t seem to find something that fits.

Then I looked at the jeans and those options were minimal, too. I’m shrinking out of my current ones at the moment and since I knew I was a “red” in the Right Fit, I went to that section. Dark wash only. 1 pair in size 3 petite on the shelves. I only wear dark wash jeans when I’m having a Johnny Cash day (read: the rare day I wear a button down shirt – black, of course – with dark dark jeans and a pair of kick-ass black boots), and it’s too cold in Missouri to wear that outfit at the moment. I tried them on anyway, figuring that if all else fails I can order a pair online in the light wash.

I left the store frustrated and annoyed & resolved to visit one of the mall locations in the area.

It actually worked out pretty good that the first store didn’t have anything for me. By the time I got to the Galleria location, it was the Monday before Christmas and all the sweaters had gone on sale – buy one get one free! I wandered around the store for a while, which had much better selection & displayed things in a way that it was easier to find what I was looking for.

I grabbed a couple things and tried them on, one of which was a smaller size of my new favorite sweater.
My new favorite sweater
Seriously – I wore this sweater like 3 days in the first week I had it.

I also got a simple black v-neck sweater & 2 pair of earrings (which were also on sale buy one get one) – the total cash out of my pocked for this was under $6. WOO.

While I didn’t find the perfect holiday sweater, I did find a couple items that will help me make it through the winter & the black v-neck will be perfect for work on the days I need to look a little more professional.

*I also agreed to this prior to Rachel’s horrible Fashion Bug experience, a shop owned by the same company that owns Lane Bryant.


3 thoughts on “I went shopping & lived to tell the tale

  1. Okay, so it’s not just me. I can’t find any 14/16s ever, it’s all 20 and above, and don’t get me started on the sales people, because I have the witches from hell in my location. I’m glad we are on the same page about their merchandise.

    I looked at that sweater in blue, but just didn’t dig it on me.

    I did find one top in black, 3/4 length sleeve, I’m going back for the pink one.

    And don’t get me started about me asking if they have something, and standing there arguing with me, telling me I don’t know what size I wear! I have a pair of stretch pants that hang below my butt because the girl wouldn’t listen to me.

  2. Great review. LB would still be on my shit list even if I weren’t boycotting all of Charming Shoppes stores because if abysmal customer service. The quality of the products has just gone straight downhill the last 2-3 years. I, too, have bought 90% of my clothes there since I was, what? Maybe 14? However, despite all that I was really impressed the last few times I went in that they had my size in stock.

  3. I’ve never liked the clothes at Lane Bryant. I’ve always thought their fabrics were cheap. I’ve had good luck with jeans from Penney’s, and I always watch the sales at Macy’s. You can get much better quality merchandise, and their prices are comparable (if not better-during sales) than those at Lane Bryant. I bought a sweater at Catherine’s this week for 75 percent off. Not a shop I normally frequent, but it’s near my hair salon. Must say their merchandise wasn’t all that great either.

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