Day 30/30: The one where I wrap it up.

I posted my little “I did it” completion badge for NaBloPoMo, so I figured I should write my last little post.

It’s oddly satisfying to finish the month out knowing that I posted daily. I found it easier this year than previous years because I didn’t try to stick with a theme that would fizzle out around day 10. So yay for random brain vomit for a month!

I was looking back at some of the posts earlier and man, I did a lot of baking and cooking posts in November. Lots of discussions about the weight loss (or lack of at the moment) & exercise.  Quite a bit less lame-ass randomness than I expected & what there was came about mostly when I had a quiz or homework I was stressed about at the last minute. MUCH LIKE TODAY. Only one post about dating (or not dating so much) and a lot about the secret holiday crafts. It was a fun month, I think.

Now I can use all my free time to get done with those holiday craft projects. WOO.