Day 28/30: I set a small goal

I’ve decided to set myself a mini-goal for weight loss. It’s not much, but the goal is 5lbs lost by Christmas. I’ll weigh myself tomorrow morning to get the official starting weight for it. It’s a little over a pound a week, I could probably do more, but since I’ve been stuck in a rut since May I figured I should start small.

The idea behind this is to just get myself back on track & get the trajectory going before the holidays.

And to remind myself of the difference from when I started to now, 2 pictures. The first is me at Mindy’s wedding. Technically, I was down about 5 pounds then, but you can’t tell in the picture. The second was taken in early October of this year, when I was (as I still am) down 40 pounds total. Because of the outfits, I think it’s most noticeable in my face. In the first picture, I was a size 24 & a 3x on top (sometimes 2x, but usually 3), the second I’m a 18/20 (sometimes 16, depending on the pants) and 1X/XL on the top.

Kara Traveling Woman Shawlette

On a related note, I am wearing a t-shirt that fits today instead of being too big and it’s very odd. I’m not used to it.


3 thoughts on “Day 28/30: I set a small goal

  1. 5 pounds is a great goal, especially for this time of year! I’m happy to just maintain during December ;)

  2. You look mahvelous dahling! Keep up the great work, and good luck with your holiday goal! I always gain at least 5 around the holidays!

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