Day 22/30: The one with an update on my insanity (or Handmade Holidays)

I think I found my sewing mojo. Or at least some of it.

See, this handmade holiday thing? I think I’m insane at this point. I’ve got the knitting portions nearly done, but until last night I hadn’t even started on the sewing projects. I had planned to work on them through the evening after I got back from my cat-care duties for dad & D. But I didn’t have the mojo, so I spent some time knitting.

Eventually, I got the bug to cut out some of the items I’m working on. And I have a couple more of them sorted out and ready to go. I didn’t actually break out the sewing machine, but I made progress & got things cut out and put in project bags. Which makes me feel better.

Obviously, I can’t talk specifics about what I’m going to make since they are Christmas gifts, but I feel like I’ll be able to knock them out in the next few weekends. The project for the family gift exchange will probably be last since it’s not due until Christmas Eve, but the rest of them will probably be exchanged earlier.

I also have a couple days set for the massive cookie baking that I plan to undertake. Massive may be the wrong word, as I’m limiting myself to 5-6 kinds of cookies, but it’s still a lot to get done.

I actually feel like this is all something I can accomplish, I just need to focus when I have time set aside to work on the sewing projects & realize that I will not have my living room in order until I get everything cut out or have at least definitively chosen fabrics, which I’m hoping is by next weekend so I can decorate for Christmas.