Day 21/30: I'm not easy on my knees

I hit the gym last night for our bimonthly “Girls Night Out” class, which I’ve been going to for a while now.

Essentially, it’s a cardio strip tease class. Except in my case it’s less sexy and more “fall on your ass”.

My workout buddy Mae* is the one who first convinced me to take the class. I showed up the first night, did the thing, humped the floor (as you do when doing a strip tease), & had some fun. So I went back. And I keep going back as long as I don’t have plans on the Friday night it’s scheduled on.

The thing is that you have to get down on the floor to be all sexy** rolling around on it. This requires a level of skill I have not yet achieved. I don’t straight up fall onto the floor, but I might as well. And getting up? There is nothing I’m going to do to make that look like I’m seducing someone. Especially with the huffing and puffing once I get off the floor. Whew.

The routine for this month had two different “get on the floor” segments. So that’s twice in one routine that we had to get down & back up. Down and up. Repeat 20 times. Oh, ow, my knees. They hurt. I have bruises on them. Bruises that will go away just in time for me to take the class again in 2 weeks.

I think I need to score some knee pads if I’m going to keep doing this. Sexy sexy, indeed.

*Who, by the way, looks fantastic. I told her last night that I almost didn’t recognize her coming back into the class room because she’s getting so skinny. AND IT’S TRUE.

**When I say “sexy” as it applies to me in this class, remember the part about falling on my ass. And being uncoordinated. And that I can’t seem to do things with my hands and feet at the same time.


4 thoughts on “Day 21/30: I'm not easy on my knees

  1. I want to take this class.
    And, if it makes you feel any better, whenever I try to dance for my boyfriend, I always trip over my own feet or something on his floor. Luckily, he’s smart enough to appreciate the effort.

  2. AWWW thank you! Tho I feel huge tonight. Bought a pair of size L sweatpants and my butt is hanging out the back. Could barely get them on. I need to roll around on the floor a bit harder next time in class and burn more calories, sheesh!! When is my big lower half going to catch up to my small top half?

  3. She got voted off & didn’t win the at-home contest, but she’s now kicking booty doing MMA training in addition to her other workouts. :) And she’s lost a ton of weight since July and has beaten my weight loss amount.

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