Day 20/30: The one where I talk about baking implements

I am planning ahead to the holiday baking I need to do, which is coming up much sooner than I’m ready for. In fact, part of it happens next Wednesday – I’m baking two pies for the family Thanksgiving feast. One of them is the traditional coconut buttermilk pie I make every year, the other was mentioned by one of my Stonecutter friends on facebook & instantly went in the queue to bake RIGHT AWAY.

The only problem with pie #2 is that I do not have a pie pan. I should get one of those.

With all the baking I’ve done lately, I’ve realized that my baking “tool” aresenal is sorely lackingĀ  in some respects, so I’ve been adding various implements to my amazon wishlist as a way to remember what I want to add to the aresenal & also as dream presents (like the glorious KitchenAid mixer that no one should be without. How can a baker survive without the KitchenAid? Answer: By using the handheld mixer she picked up at Target for $16 until she can afford the dream mixer).

Just this morning I was looking at various things, like a flour sifter that is all of $11 or a pastry cutter that’s like $8, and wondering why I hadn’t bothered to purchase them yet. Then I remembered that I lived in my apartment for about a year before I bought an actual muffin tin instead of using the foil disposable ones every time. These are not the items I radomly think of looking for when I’m out shopping.

One thing I have purchase is something that I hope will make cookie-extravaganza 2009 go off a little easier – a cookie scoop. I just picked up a cheap plastic one to test it out & see how well it works, but I’m optimistic. Especially since cookie-extravanganza 2009 kicks off right after I take my biostats final. At least I finally invested in a set of 2 cookie sheets instead of the sad little single I have that is used for everything.

On a related note: I finally wrote my post about the Chocolate Chai Spice cupcakes for the Kitchen Mirror. Read it here.


2 thoughts on “Day 20/30: The one where I talk about baking implements

  1. I call it “Target Syndrome.” I walk into Target and get completely overwhelmed by the array of [insert product here], and completely forget what I was going to buy in the first place. I’m STILL proud of the fact that I eventually remembered to buy a red plastic spoon for tomato sauces, so I could stop staining my blue ones :-P

  2. You know, I’ve been baking since I was old enough to reach the counter (and probably before) and I’ve never owned a stand mixer. I would love to have one for all those cakes that require long mixing times, but really? I’ve always been able to make do with my hand mixer (although I did get a decent KitchenAid 9 speed, and it’s holding up nicely).

    I’m so lazy about sifting – I really ought to buy a sifter. And a cooling rack.

    A pastry cutter is great, but I always seem to ditch it halfway and use my hands.

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