Day 16/30: The one where I run out of title ideas

Only took me 2 weeks to run out of witty titles.

Anyway, you may remember that Mindy, Kim, & I went to the mall and tried out Bare Escentuals 2 weeks ago. Today is the update on how it’s going so far.

Self Portrait with new hair...
self portrait with kicky new haircut

The good so far:

  • I’ve noticed that my skin is clearing up some, not as many acne problems, which is good & the main reason I was looking for something else.
  • Even the minor breakouts can be camouflaged well with the makeup now. Yay!
  • I like the coverage & how it doesn’t look caked on.

The bad:

  • I’m having trouble getting the right ratio of mineral powder to skin on my nose. After a few hours, it does start to look caked on a bit. I did not have this problem when the girl at the store did my nose, so it’s something I’m doing & I can’t figure it out.
  • I keep forgetting to put on my under-eye concealer, which I totally still need to cover my dark circles there. Ooops.
  • It’s winter. My nose is getting that oily but dry but oily peeling thing it does. There’s no help in the world for this, but it’s another thing that bugs me.

Overall, it’s a winner so far. I’m still working on my minor application issues & skin issues. Hopefully I’ll keep improving on all counts & eventually can be in my mid-30s without acne issues.