Day 13/30: The one where I try to make cookies healthy

I seem to have a serious baking addiction. Well, and I’m easily suggestible.

Kelli mentioned something about fresh baked cookies on twitter and I started mixing some up about 5 minutes later.

It wasn’t completely spontaneous – I’ve been wanting to try out splenda in a batch of cookies before I get my massive holiday baking on & I was planning to test it out this weekend. So I just got my cookie baking on a little early.

YIP 193.365 Cookies!
Mmm, cookies.

Basically, what I did was simple:

Take your basic Nestle Toll House Cookie recipe.
Replace your white sugar with Splenda
Replace half the butter with Brummel & Brown
Replace the other half of the butter with unsweetened applesauce
Mix & bake as directed.

You may be wondering how they turned out. The answer is that they’re pretty good. The splenda doesn’t taste different from sugar, at least not to me. The applesauce made them a little more cake-like than I like in a cookie, though. In the future, straight up butter or Brummel & Brown. No applesauce in your cookies. Works great in cakes & breads, though.

The downside? If you make a batch of 25 cookies (how many I had), each one is still 150 calories. They are lower in fat & have no cholesterol this way, though. Comparatively, though – if you made 25 cookies out of the original recipe, you’d be getting a cookie with 260 calories. So they are quite a bit better for you, I just made big cookies.

Since I’m going to be baking for other people this year, I’ll probably stick with using butter & sugar right now. Especially since I’ll be trying some new things, including trying to make a sea salt chocolate chip cookie. YUM.


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