Day 12/30: The one with vomit.

This morning as I was getting ready for work, I was trying to make a basic life decision: I need to do laundry & I need to go to the gym tonight. Logistically, I can’t do both tonight (thanks in part to a laundry “room” with only one washer & dryer for 8 apartments).

So, I’m drying my hair and thinking “laundry? gym? laundry? gym?”

I walk into my bedroom and Ziggy the Wondercat has vomited ALL OVER MY BED.

In the time it took me to find the paper towels (because of course I used the last one on the roll last night) to wipe up the worst of it, it soaked through the quilt to my blanket.


Laundry it is. Thanks, Ziggy.

Pillow Thief
He’s probably laying on my pillow at home right now all comfy and cozy.