Day 11/30: The one with a perfect Thanksgiving treat

A while ago I went on a weird cupcake baking spree. Not that I’m not still on one, but I got on a kick and decided to make two kinds in the same night. Along with the Guiness cupcakes I mentioned earlier in the month, I also made some sweet potato cupcakes. If there’s a way to make sweet potatoes better, it has to be by putting them in cupcakes.

Sweet Potato Cupcakes

I started with Stef’s recipe for Sweet Potato Casserole Cupcakes, which were near perfect already. I did not make many changes at all and the ones I made were based on weird things.

  • I replaced the allspice with cloves. I did not have allspice, but I keep cloves on hand as part of my signature fall pumpkin bread. Since the spices for the pumpkin bread and cupcakes were the same with the exception of the allspice/cloves thing, I knew it would work out fine.
  • I didn’t make or use filling of any kind. I just didn’t want to.
  • I topped mine with candied pecans & toasted marshmallows. I tested marshmallow fluff on a few, it was just a bit messy.
    • The candied pecans were found at Schnucks (one of our local grocery store chains for the out-of-towners) & are made by a local company. They were a great addition. And I love pecans.

The frosting/glaze/topping. Oh, my. I could just lick this out of the bowl. Seriously. SO GOOD.

The only change I would make to them next time is to stir a cup of nuts into the batter. Or half the batter so I can still share them with the friends who don’t like nuts. WEIRDOS. They may also soon become one of my experiments in using Splenda for baking.

The recipe as it stands made a TON of cupcakes, too. So prepare them for your next party. Or five.