Day 10/30: The one where I create something awesome

If you walked into a Starbucks during the holiday season last year, you saw their yarn ball Christmas wreaths on displays and everywhere else.

Naturally, being a knitter, I thought it was awesome. Then I saw other people had made them, which was also awesome. I found this tutorial from Inspired Kara shortly before Christmas last year & bookmarked it so I could be sure to make mine this year. I picked up my ornaments on clearance last year, picked up the styrofoam balls from somewhere, and had the yarn in my stash not being used.

So this pile of stuff:
YIP 188.365 It's about to get crafty up in here!
Became my super awesome yarn wreath, which I will show you in after I talk construction.

My supplies:

  • large floral wreath form (found at JoAnn’s for around $3)
  • hot glue gun & lots of glue sticks
  • yarn in 3 colors – 2 were Cascade 220, one was Caron Simply Soft.
  • 12 2.5″ styrofoam balls
  • Ornaments to coordinate with your look – I went with small plastic silver ones from Target. I had 2 sets of ornaments & ran out, so I got lucky that Target had the same (or very very similar) ones this year. I went through 3.5 containers of them. They run $5/container this year & come in some fun colors if you wanted to mix it up some.

For mine, I wrapped the styrofoam balls & just tucked the yarn. If it looked like it was loose after I had them on the wreath, I hit it with a tiny bit of hot glue. I did 4 balls for each color, then spaced them more or less evenly on the wreath form & glued them down. Then I just filled in with the silver ornaments & lots of hot glue. Seriously, wherever an ornament touched anything else got hot glued. You could probably use fewer, but I liked the full look.

And voila! Super awesome holiday decorations. I’d say this took probably 3 hours total. Maybe less, but I lost track of time when I ran out of ornaments in the middle on Sunday night. Ooops.
YIP 190.365 Christmas Wreath

Wreath Detail Wreath Detail


3 thoughts on “Day 10/30: The one where I create something awesome

  1. Wow! That’s so pretty! I’d have a hard time putting yarn in it though if I were to try. I’d be thinking of all the socks that I’d have to give up. But it’s beautiful.

    You know, I may have to try anyway. It’s brilliant.

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