Day 7/30: The one where I don't lose weight

The problem with trying to write every day is that I sometimes write things that normally wouldn’t get published here. Not because there’s anything wrong with some of them, but just that I usually think it out in my head before my fingers type under normal circumstances.

That being said, I still need a topic for today, so you get this.

I am officially unhappy with the way my weight loss is going at the moment. Or not going, to be more exact. As I mentioned earlier in the week, I’ve been so stressed out that I haven’t been getting to the gym as much as I should or eating as well as I should. After 2 hours in the gym this weekend in classes where I stood right in front of the mirror, I am embarrassed about my size, or at least the size of my stomach, which is where the weight is all hanging on and refusing to budge.

Step 1: Get back to the gym more. Which I know I said a couple weeks ago, but the amount of homework taking up my time in those two weeks has worn me down. I know that I’ll feel better and work through some of the stress if I’m at the gym, so I just need to make myself get there.

As for the food thing, it’s not that I’ve completely fallen off the healthy eating wagon and gone back to my old ways at all, it’s just that now I feel guilty if I eat things I shouldn’t and when I’ve had one bad meal or snack, I feel like I’ve failed. Well, not failed, but I feel bad. But I’ve also learned that denying myself certain cravings will lead down a bad road where I wake up from a food coma covered in candy wrappers and Dr. Pepper bottles. I tried to cut out soda completely and did well for almost 2 weeks, but today all I could think about was a nice frosty Dr. Pepper. When I was out tonight, I grabbed dinner at Lion’s Choice and actually made yummy sounds after my first sip of Dr. Pepper on the way home. Just yesterday I had to have a Twix* bar because I’d wanted one for 3 days and I just needed it. NEEDED it.

Step 2: Again, eat healthy 6 days a week. Allow myself one soda a week. Keep some mini-Twix bars on hand to have one of when the dark chocolate doesn’t satisfy the sweet tooth.

The stress is something I can’t really do anything about at the moment, other than the previously mentioned “work it out at the gym” thing. But after this semester**, I should be able to destress some, which will also help take the weight off. They tell you that stress can really hinder your weight loss efforts, and man are they right.

The good news, if you can call it that, is that I weighed myself last night after my class at the gym & the scale is only 2 pounds higher than it was when I hit my plateau. Considering that I’ve had at least 3 no good very bad weeks at the gym and with the food, I’m counting this as a small victory. Now I just need to get the scale moving back in the other direction.

I got rid of all my fat pants, so I can’t afford to put any weight back on. :)

*I think I’ve said before that this is my favorite candy bar. Chocolate, good. Caramel, good. Cookie, good. YUM. It is also almost 300 calories for 1 regular size package. Oh, Twix, you are glorious in your badness.

**I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy to see the end of a semester soon in my future in my entire academic career. But soon it will be over. Like next month at this time SOON.