Day 6/30: The one where I have too many bananas

I had intended to come here later tonight and share with you that my floors were finally clean because I had replaced my vacuum. But, I posted on Facebook that I was intending to go purchase a new vacuum tonight & found out that I was going to get one for my Christmas present from my dad & his gf. OOPS.

So I am not buying a vacuum today, but I will be borrowing Mindy’s old one to hold me over until I get a fancy schmancy new one.

Since I can’t wax poetic about the joys of clean floors yet, how about the joys of banana bread?

I keep finding myself with overripe bananas that I have been freezing until I can use them. I also usually find myself with a freezer that is overstuffed (to say the least) and without room for more bananas. So last week when I found myself with another 4 overripe bananas & no space in the freezer, I decided it was time to make some banana bread.

A quick web search led me to this recipe from Food Network’s Tyler Florence* that called for just the amount of bananas I had. And really, you can rarely go wrong with a recipe from a cute chef boy.

YIP 177.365 Banana Bread

The recipe does call for quite a bit of butter, so I thought I would replace about half of it with applesauce.


About halfway through baking, I realized that I hadn’t used any applesauce & only half the butter. Oops. As it turned out, though, the bread was delicious. It was moist & I don’t feel like anything was missing by forgetting that simple little step.

As you can see from my picture, I did not toast and sprinkle mine with powdered sugar, but sliced it up and shared it with my Wednesday knitting girls. I came home with one sad little slice leftover that went in my belly soon after.

My bread did seem to cook a little quicker on the edges, but that could be because I also just left it in the oven in one place instead of turning it like Tyler told me to. Next time I’ll try to remember the applesauce, but apparently it’s no big deal if I do. I’ll also listen to the recipe and move the bread around in the oven so it doesn’t get too crispy.

Naturally, I once again find myself with several overripe bananas at home and no freezer space. I think I’ll be making banana muffins this weekend sometime.

I need to either stop buying bananas or remember to eat them. Remembering to eat them would be the healthy choice.

*I just love him. Don’t you? I swear if I had cable it would be nothing but Tyler and Tony Bourdain ALL THE TIME. Okay, maybe not. But you get my point.


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  1. Hello! Found you on the NaBlo randomizer and just wanted to say I completely agree with you about Tyler Florence.

    Also, that the bread looks really good and I might have to buy some bananas this weekend.

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