Day 4/30: The one where I forget what I had to say

It’s too early in the month for me to already forget post ideas, right?

I think it might have been about the stress of school this semester. My Theory of Biostatistics class has reduced me to a brainless blob of a person. I’m too stressed out to eat like I should (read: healthier), get to the gym early in the week, and generally take care of myself right now. Seriously, y’all. It’s bad. A Miley Cyrus song came on the radio & I didn’t have the energy to change the station!

All of my available brain power is going into passing this class. The final stats class and I can graduate next semester as planned. The. Last. One.

It’s no wonder I’m stressed out.

YIP 183.365 I don't understand any of this
If this makes sense to you, explain it to me. I’d be grateful. I might even make out a little with someone who explained it to me in a way that I understood it all and committed it to memory, thus doing well on the quiz I have on Thursday and being crowned a super-genius among my peers. But there’s a lot riding on that, so don’t hold me to it.

I realized Tuesday that this stress and complete inability to understand almost anything in this class contributes to my yarn stash.

Let me explain the stash-o-loop:

  • You are stressed out & unable to understand something.
  • You are a knitter & can turn skeins of yarn into awesomeness.
  • The stress makes you want to do nothing but knit.
  • You are not at a place where you can knit, but you have access to the internet, where you CAN buy yarn.
  • You innocently look at a yarn website and next thing you know you’ve bought yarn. Enough for a sweater. Or two.
  • You relax a little and think of the lovely stuff you’ll make with your yarn.
  • You look back at your textbook and the loop starts over.

Perhaps an exaggeration, but we’ll never really know. I did, however, resist the urge to go yarn shopping today. Instead I looked at pretty projects on Ravelry that were made out of yarn I eventually want to try. It’s much safer that way.


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  1. Jeannette – I’m getting a MPH is biostatistics & epidemiology. FUN STUFF. So, yeah, the theory class is required.

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