Day 1 of 30: In which I get a makeover.

Welcome to NaBloPoMo, Day 1.

At knit night on Wednesday this week, we got to talking about all things girly & I mentioned in passing that I needed to call my dermatologist to take care of my acne issues I’ve been having.

When I was in high school, I was blessed with good skin. Rare breakouts & even the ones I had were nothing to speak of really. I could have slathered motor oil on my face and it wouldn’t have done any harm. Sadly, once I hit my mid-20s, those days were over. I’ve been fighting with acne for the past 10 years. It’s not TERRIBLE, but the acne I get seems to be turning more into those fun cyst-like and painful pimples. As much as I do love the acne, it’s quite time to do something about it.

So, when I mentioned this issue at knitting, Annie piped up and said that I should try Bare Escentuals (BE) – she said that she hasn’t had any problems with acne since she started using it & (as the woman LOVES her QVC), that you can get it on auto-delivery from QVC. Four or five of the other girls at knit night piped up that they were also BE users and encouraged us to try it. Us, at that point, had become Mindy, Kim, & myself – the only girls at knit night who weren’t using BE.

So, naturally we made plans to go visit the BE store in the Galleria today and have the ladies there help us find our colors. Mindy was apprehensive, as the whole realm of makeup and having people put it on her is out of her comfort zone. But we soldiered on and went in to get our “makeovers”.

For comparison, and because I am losing all sense of shame, I took a picture of my face “before” to compare.
Kara's Before Shot
You can see some nice acne on my chin there, and my nose a little. This is actually one of my better face days lately.

Anyway, we stopped in for our makeovers & I sat down with the girl who would be doing mine (who’s name I can’t remember). I was pleased to note that her own makeup was quite nice, especially since there were some of the women working there who had scary makeup. No, seriously, SCARY makeup. In fact, the three of us lucked out and all got girls with good makeup. Mindy apparently attracted the cheerleader of the bunch, though.

We chatted for a bit about what I was looking for, she did the color match, during which I suggested for the shade “Vampire” for my ultra pale skin. I decided to let her play with colors on my eyes, cheeks & lips, mostly because I wanted to try them out but knew I wouldn’t be buying more than the starter kit & primer today. I’ve been wearing the same eye colors for a while now, so it’s sometimes fun to switch it up.

The mascara wound up being a little excessive for me, at least for a daytime/knitting at Starbucks on a Sunday afternoon look. Other than that, my finished face was good. My pores didn’t show up too much, which has been a problem in the past when I’ve tried mineral makeups & it still looks good several hours later, even if my eyes are a bit more sparkly than normal.
Kara's after shot

After Mindy & Kim finished up*, we checked out and headed to knitting at Starbucks, where we were a tad overdone for the occasion. Apparently, it was quite noticeable that we were “tarted up” as Mindy put it, since pretty much everybody asked why we were wearing makeup. :)

*You can see their after shots here for Mindy, here for Kim.


2 thoughts on “Day 1 of 30: In which I get a makeover.

  1. I find the car self portraits scary but I’ll agree the foundation looks good on you..Later in the day i felt like i had the crafting herpies.. I was finding glittery crap all over my face… Then again the chick put LOTS of crap on my eyes. I tried my light blue tonight and liked it.. a good solution for wanting some fun for my eyes but don’t want the dark smoke/trampy look :)

  2. I use BE–I bought the starter kit at Sephora awhile back. I don’t use their eye makeup, though. I like it, but can’t say I love it yet…
    Of course, I never had anyone actually show me how to apply it. I can’t quite seem to cover zits when I have them…but I think it might look a little better than dried out concealer :)

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