long gone days

I don’t know how it happened, but September flew by and we are now in October, which is my favorite month of the year by far. It starts to feel like Fall here in October – the leaves start to change, there’s a crispness in the air, and it just makes me happy to be a little bit chilled.

Unfortunately, I am mired neck deep in statistical theory this semester and it is sucking my life force. I knit so I do not poke out my eyes with a pencil while also beating myself senseless with a graphing calculator. 5 class meetings down, 9 to go. I keep hoping it will get easier, but so far it hasn’t.

I’m also doing quite a bit of holiday crafting right now, so much of that will not be evident until after the holidays since most of the people I’ll be making things for read here. So there’s that.

Finally, I’m hitting the gym A LOT. I missed my class this morning somehow (I am still not sure what happened. I remember hitting the snooze button & next thing I knew it was 90 minutes later & I was still asleep.), so I’m planning to hit up a “muscle works” class* tonight at 7pm at the next closest branch of my gym. I am somewhat terrified, but I need to do something tonight. I have a feeling I’ll be at this other branch a lot as they offer better evening options than my home gym, including the Zumba classes that I took twice over the weekend.

All this to say that if I am quiet, it’s just because I’m trying to do homework, kill myself at the gym, or knit & sew until my fingers bleed. I’ll still be twittering, though. It also helps keep me sane.

*On a related note, I’ve been hitting a lot of classes I hadn’t taken before and one thing stands out – there are people who will stand there and do nothing while trying to figure out what the instructor is doing. Me, I just keep moving. Doing SOMETHING, even if it’s not what the instructor is doing at the time. The point is to get some cardio in to my day, not to get it RIGHT every time. In that respect, I think I’m doing okay. The standing still people, not so much.