strange days have found us

On Saturday morning, Kim & I headed over to the Illinois side of the river to check out the Strange Folk Festival and get our indie craft on. There were a ton of great vendors there and I saw a lot of stuff that I wanted, but didn’t buy, which means I came home with many crafty business cards to add to my favorite people on etsy or elsewhere.

Strange Folk

During the day, we got hungry and went on a search for the elusive funnel cakes. Consensus was that they were not there and the tantalizing smell that made me think of funnel cakes was actually coming from the kettle corn stand, which was delicious in it’s own way. While noshing on our brats, i knocked the lens cap off my camera, which I only discovered after we had walked away when I went to take a couple pictures. Initially I just chalked it up as lost and never to be seen again, but after thinking about it, we headed back to the picnic table where we had eaten lunch to just look and see if it was there. Sure enough, it was sitting on the ground in plain sight. Phew.

Dyeabolical at Strange Folk
Naturally, we hung out and talked with Rachel a bit and fondled all her yarn. I picked up a small skein of the silk laceweight/embroidery thread & fell in love with her silk/merino blend in teal.

One of the things I picked up as we wandered around was a small pack of cookies from The Hot Cookie – I went with the Sea Salt Chocolate Chunkers and, oh, they were fantastic. Anyone who knows me knows my love of a good combination of salty & sweet & these were perfect. Still soft & chewy, the right amount of salt, dark chocolate chunks…*drool* (I’m turning into Homer Simpson here just thinking about them again.) The cookies did not even last until 7pm Saturday night. My one regret is that I did not buy the other 2 packs she had left. It’s probably good that I was restricted to one pack of cookies, lest I find myself waking up on the couch covered in crumbs and cellophane from a cookie hangover. *sigh*

Shortly after finding cookie nirvana, some dark clouds started to move in & the temperature took a drop, so Kim & I headed back to the car in hopes of beating the rain. Well, we didn’t get wet at the festival, but we did drive straight into the rain – as soon as we hit the bridge to come back to St. Louis it just POURED.

On Sunday morning I woke up with a pair of earrings that I had seen but didn’t purchase on the brain. I wanted them. As Mindy had missed out the day before because she was with Simon the Wonderpup at an agility trial, I suggested we take a trip over again (she had also previously mentioned wanting to go check it out). This time I got to check out the stalls we missed the first time & Mindy got to see all the cool stuff I fell for on Day 1.

Some of my favorite vendors, whether I bought something or not:
Anna Ourth Jewelry, who was responsible for my Day 2 trip and the earrings I HAD TO HAVE.
Dyeabolical because Rachel is awesome.
Once Lost Jewelry had some of the coolest stuff out of old watch parts. I wanted to buy everything on their table.
Destroyed By Design. I covet all her acrylic pendants.
Beqi Clothing who makes cute clothing and funky jewelry.
The Fancy Lamb, whose vintage book journals are the coolest thing since sliced bread.
Circa Ceramics had some super fun ceramic mugs and plates and stuff.
And so many more. You know what, check out the vendors list on the Strange Folk site to see them all.

I can’t wait for next year! Maybe by then I’ll have some time and be able to sell my wares there, too. :)

Big props to Autumn for organizing the festival! WOOT!

More pictures in my flickr set here.


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  1. wow, strange folk has gotten so big! bummer i’m not in the area anymore :( sounds like you had fun! photos of your new earrings?

  2. I’m sooo glad you liked our cookies! We ended up selling out by 2:30 on Sunday. Next time we’ll bring a crap-ton more. Thanks for the support and for blogging about us! Rock on!

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