all the world can pass me by

I’ve been hit with a bit of a financial crisis that’s requiring me to tighten my belt. As such, I’m thinking ahead to the holiday season & ways to save money during a season when I dearly love to give things away to friends & family.

My solution this year: handmade Christmas. And not just any handmade Christmas, but handmade by ME* with supplies I already have. I’m coming up with ideas, making plans, and really enjoying thinking about what I’m going to do for everyone. There will be knitting, sewing, embroidery, and cooking.

Obviously I can’t share what I’ll be doing for most people until after the holidays (since they read the blog and all), but know that when I’m not studying and doing homework, I’ll be getting my crafty on.

*On a related note, this also means that I’m going to bust out some more Christmas stockings & list them in my etsy store in the next few weeks. There’s nothing there now, but there will be.