I was hoping you might change your mind

I had my last session with Personal Trainer Scott a week ago Thursday (the 10th), so naturally I took last week off from pretty much all exercise & food tracking. I didn’t intend it to happen that way, but I was busy early in the week & crabby most of the week, so it was just better for my mental health. I did get a bit of exercise in, but not nearly enough.

After our last session, we talked about the plan for me to keep going. We formulated a plan of attack that involved a lot of classes at the gym & me trying to get there twice a day. Then the gym switched up the schedule & the instructor for one of the classes switched up her format completely (60 minutes of 1 minute intervals is INSANE. Especially when there’s a ton of jumping, which I am not so good at being able to do), so I need to sit down with the new schedule & see what’s going on there. The bad thing is that there’s a class that is similar to spending an hour with a trainer that I had planned to take – it was moved to Wednesday nights. When I am at knitting. Ugh.

While I was in the throes of my crabby stage, The Biggest Loser premiered last Tuesday as well, which was inspiring, although it did not inspire me to get off my arse last week. But if these people can get out there and get started, I should be able to keep going, right?

Then on Saturday night I went out for a friend’s birthday  & I have been craving a steak ever since. A big juicy steak. Or at least some beef. I went through the Burger King drive thru Sunday night to try to satisfy that craving & could not bring myself to order anything other than the typical Whopper Jr, no cheese (under 300 calories w/o may0) because I didn’t want to OD on calories TOO much. But that did not satisfy the craving AT ALL. I still want red meat. Lots of it.*

The good things:

  • I have lost my craving for greasy foods (read: fast food).
  • I crave vegetables & fruit. I can tell when I haven’t had enough of them, too. (Oddly enough, apples seem to make me hungry instead of satisfying my belly. I don’t understand it at all.)
  • I can eat salads again. Which seems like such a little thing, but seeing as lettuce was one of my IBS triggers, being able to eat a salad is HUGE.
  • I’m wearing what have become my favorite pair of pants right now. When I started working out, they were too small, hidden in a dark corner of my closet where my size 20 & 22 pants went to die, hoping to someday see the light but knowing they might never do it. The pants? They are now about 2 sizes too big, but I still wear them.** And it reminds me that I’ve dropped about 4 sizes since I started this. FOUR SIZES, PEOPLE. I need to remind myself of that on the days when I feel like I’ve failed. I have a pile of t-shirts waiting to become “yarn” and a few sweaters that want to become cupcakes, all because they are now too big. I donated bags of clothing a few months ago because they were all way too big. I may have stalled out over the summer, but I have to remember that I made it this far.

Right now, I need to formulate a new plan. And try to get to the gym at 6am. So I will do both of those things this week and hopefully find myself back on track.

*Perhaps I should learn how to cook a steak for these situations.

**honestly, mostly because I am too poor to buy new pants every time I go down a couple sizes, but also because I love them. So much. Comfy comfy pants.


5 thoughts on “I was hoping you might change your mind

  1. Just order my husband over to make you meat.. it will make you both very happy. I think i’m already dropping the kickboxing idea cause it requires me calling companies and such and you know how well i do that.. i just want to take a class, i don’t want a gym membership, i don’t want to go pro, i don’t want to watch men beat the shit out of each other… The Y does a class at 5:15 am… ahem, no.

  2. I never get steak right at home. Both applebees and outback though offer curbside takeout. And you can get a salad and veggies with them to take home. It’s almost as quick as burger king and definitely satifies my red meat cravings.

  3. you’ve come a long way! i think it’s awesome that you’re down 4 sizes and that you can eat lettuce! that makes a huge difference. anyway, keep it up. i think you might have to sacrifice knitting for that class wednesday night. obviously knitting is a huge part of your life, but so is being healthy, right? good luck figuring it out!

  4. I know this is a REALLY late comment on this post. I think the progress you’ve made is fabulous!

    Regarding the pants comment — I have a bunch of clothes that I’m looking to pass along to people who need & would wear them. (Mostly 14/16/18 XL/1X) If you’re interested drop me an email about sizes/colors etc.

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