you know you're just like me

Busy busy busy. I feel like I haven’t been home in DAYS, which is partially true.

Over the weekend I:

  • did laundry, during which I discovered that the dryer in my building is STILL not working.
  • went to Tower Grove Farmer’s Market with Mindy, where I procured some very yummy apples (most of which are in  my freezer waiting to be baked into something delicious).
  • drove down to Festus for a dinner party with a few of my high school classmates at one’s house. I was apprehensive going into it, but it was really a lot of fun. I actually want there to be another something soon.
  • lunch with the family at The Blue Owl in Kimmswick – my Aunt Marion & Uncle Bob are in from Seattle, so I joined the crew for a quick lunch.
  • knitting at My Daddy’s Cheesecake. Which was only okay. The knitting group was fun as usual, but the cheesecake was not as good as I remember & the coffee was not good at all. So, that’s disappointing, but whatever.
  • walk to Target with Mindy so we could get our exercise on.
  • Stitch & Pitch at the Cardinals game last night. I was already exhausted, but that was a long game! As usual, there were nachos & dippin’ dots.

I am so tired today, people. And a little crabby. But mostly tired. Which means I’m going to chill at home for the evening and relax a bit.