can I get your hand to write on?

I started a little update a couple days ago and the first line was something about losing my mojo – I’ve been having a bad couple weeks on the workout front (as I’ve previously mentioned) and I was just tired.

But I’m feeling a bit better now. Sure I ate way more than I should have yesterday, but it was a weird day – had a dr’s appointment in West County (my brain looked fine), then a follow up contact lens appointment in Festus followed by dinner with my dad & the gf at my favorite hometown pizza place. So not a typical day for me. But even though I had class this morning, I feel back on track a bit.

Over the long weekend, the rain killed our attempt to hike on Saturday, so Mindy, her hubs, & I hit the trail on Monday instead. 5.3 miles. I may have been overly ambitious when I thought I could handle a trail of that length with no problem, but I did survive it without any lasting damage. Poor Simon the Wonderpup, however, walked through a tick nest or something and wound up with his little paws absolutely COVERED in ticks. I think they got him all disinfected & I don’t appear to have any ticks from when he decided to lay on me (where I discovered said tick infestation) while Riley was getting his tick check, so all’s well.

Switching gears randomly, I was computerless for most of yesterday evening when my power adapter decided to quit working. Once the battery died, I had to shut down. It was weird to realize how many times I just go to my computer to look something up on the internet real quick &/or check my email. I felt a little like I was detoxing last night, but I did get a good chunk of a book read & got just past the ribbing on a hat I decided I had to knit RIGHT NOW. This morning when I got to class, I plugged in just to check and the power cord worked just fine. So I don’t know what happened last night – I tried it in 5 different outlets in 3 different rooms in my apartment & it just refused to work, but everything else in the place worked fine.

The class that I had today, by the way, should be cake (especially compared to my other class this semester). It’s the behavioral science component to my degree and looking over the syllabus was like a trip back in time. I covered most of the theories in undergrad or my previous graduate program & the implementation part is a lot of what I did while working at my previous job.

I think that’s all the news that’s fit to print at the moment.