with one small step

I don’t have the energy to link all these things together into a coherent post, so bullets!

  • I turned in my passport application on Thursday – I had to do it in Festus because the super-unhelpful people at the local post office couldn’t make a copy of my driver’s license (& the application didn’t say I needed a copy, just that I needed to present it). The ladies at the Festus post office were very kind when they directed me to the Festus Library, where the ladies were also very nice and helpful. For once, YAY FESTUS!
  • WalMart has stopped carrying Ziggy’s cat food. Which he loves & also doesn’t throw up. Boo WalMart. Luckily, I found it on amazon.com & ordered a couple cases with free shipping. Yay amazon!
  • Friday I came home and napped instead of going to the gym, which I felt guilty about. I also skipped the gym on Saturday because I was TIRED. And again felt guilty about skipping. So I made up for it by suggesting a hike with Mindy & her hubster, which we went on today. After we were done, Simon tried to drive us home. The hike itself was good – I got tired out because the first mile was pretty much uphill, but the two after that evened out a bit. It’s definitely a good workout, especially if you’re doing some climbing. Which you do pretty much anywhere in Missouri you go to hike.
  • On a related note, Mindy has the coolest book that shows where all the places to hike in the greater St. Louis area are. Very cool.
  • After the hike, Mindy & I hit up the Festival of Nations in Tower Grove Park, where we added at least 1.5 miles onto our walking distance for the day because we parked so very far away. Tower Grove does not seem nearly as big when you’re driving through it. But it was fun & we got to sample many different foods. There were about 80 different kinds of chicken kebabs, though – I only tried two of them. We found the sweet potato funnel cake, which I had heard about from IronStef on twitter yesterday & was primarily what kept me moving when I was exhausted. Actually, we almost missed it & were on the way back to find the Native American Fry Bread again when Mindy spotted the stand with the funnel cake. It was delicious because it was a funnel cake, but definitely could have used more than shreds of sweet potato in it. I was hoping for something more sweet potatoey – maybe with a good bit of mashed sweet potato mixed into the batter (or batter made up of mashed sweet potato somehow) – and with the nice orange sweet potato color, but alas. That is not what it was. But still delicious. There are some pictures of the food over there on my flickr stream. Too tired to link it.
  • I’m doing some baby knitting for the people I know having babies, which is fun. But I start classes this week, so I’m guessing that will take away some of my knitting time. *sigh* I can not wait until I’m done with school.
  • Ziggy the Wondercat is becoming Ziggy the Mean Cat – he is still not getting along with Fiona Falafel & has taken to instigating fights when he’s not trying to get her to play with him. He’s a moody little pain in the ass.
  • I am absolutely exhausted. Even after two cups of coffee. I think I’ll be going to sleep early tonight. If I can get myself off the couch.

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  1. It seems like I’m often choosing between a nap and a workout. I find that if I take a half hour nap, I wake up logey and fuzzy feeling. If I go for a half hour job, I come back tired but not sleep anymore. Weird, I wish it worked in reverse because I like napping more than jogging.

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