Sweet and bitter

YIP 110.365 So close

I am almost finished with these socks. I have been a knitting fool with them over the past week in my desperate desire to have them done. These socks that I started over a year ago, they are maddening. Not because the pattern is difficult or anything, but because I just haven’t had the desire to work on them until about a month ago. Then I had to take a break from the teeny needles to let my finger heal up from a random injury.

The last week or so I’ve been obsessed. I turned the heel 5 days ago. I did about 4 pattern repeats yesterday. When I stopped knitting last night, My fingers were cramping up. Obsessed, I tell you. There’s something about being so close to the end of a project that makes me want to just knit until it’s done – bleary eyed, half asleep, no longer able to form coherent sentences, but knitting. Always knitting. It’s part of the OCD bit of my personality, I guess.

This yarn entered my stash in 2006. Since then it has tried to become a pair of Monkey socks that were too small, plain ol’ stockinette socks that were also too small, & another pair in the Mad Color Weave pattern that were (believe it or not) too big.

This 4th attempt I went Mad Color Weave again, but modified to work it toe-up with a short row heel. It’s worked well. It has just taken me forever to finish the damn socks. But tonight, barring any unforeseen events, I’ll have a finished pair of socks.

And I already have two more pair I want to start to take the place of this one nearly-finished project.