you say that I've changed

I’m having trouble believing that it’s already time for school to start again. Yet this morning when I got to work, there were school buses & parents & cars all invading my space, lined up to get their kids to the school that sits near my parking lot.

I myself start again next Thursday. I’m taking 2 of my remaining 3 classes this Fall. I’m counting down the classes, the days, the hours until I’m finished with this degree. Until I can go to work and then just come home and not think about it. No homework, nothing. Just me and the knitting. And I guess the gym, since it’s not like I can quit going there even when I hit my goal weight.

Speaking of, I went last night. I spent 10 minutes on the bike & 10 minutes trying to find a place to do the rest of my workout. Eventually I was frustrated that it was too busy and I left, going across the street to Target where I bought ice cream. At least I got Edy’s Slow Churned version – fewer calories & fat than the full on stuff I was looking at before I tried to be sensible.

All of the ice cream options were better than the Tagalong Blizzard from Dairy Queen that I really wanted.

What else? There are a couple knitting projects I’ve finished that I need to talk about. A trip I’m planning to take myself on for my graduation. Oh, hell, let’s talk travel while I’m here.

I’ve always wanted to go overseas. I’ve really always wanted to do a whole tour of Europe – you know, the “If it’s Tuesday, this must be Belgium” ones. But for now I want a nice relaxing trip where I can visit one or two places I really want to see. So far, that list includes London with a day trip or two out of the city and possibly Ireland (Dublin, Belfast, something), although no plans are firm or set in stone. I may just get to London & surrounding areas this time and save Ireland for it’s own little trip in the future.

The whole planning process is exciting, really. To actually plan something I’ve wanted to do since I was old enough to get on a plane is fantastic. I’ve always loved going new places. London has always been on the short list of places I need to see. And if nothing else, darling Sally lives there! A few other Stonecutters are in the area, as well, so there would definitely be a fun times mini-Stonecutter gathering.

So the first step is to go get my passport, which I will hopefully get taken care of this week. Step 2 is to save my pennies. Step 3: ?  Step 4: BIG PROFIT*.

Now I just need to finish school. I should also be able to reach my goal weight by the time I leave, if not before. Woo!

*Slightly modified business plan of the underpants gnomes from  South Park


3 thoughts on “you say that I've changed

  1. London is SO great!! In two trips there I’ve spent a little over two weeks combined in the city, and still I have not seen and done everything I would like to. There’s just so much going on in London :)

  2. That is exactly how I got to London. Spend a year saving money and making concrete plans. Book your room with a year to save up. Make reservations for tea at the ritz while youre saving. Otherwise, if you plan to go after you’ve saved, that would be like sacrificing for a diet and never ever buying new clothes. All suffering, no fun.

  3. I’ve always wanted to see London as well. Everyone talks about the big tour of Europe, but I’ve always just wanted to stick to the UK. Of course if money were no object, then I’d spend a year touring all of it at a snail’s pace. But in reality, I hope to just make it overseas one time. If I do, I’m torn between London and Paris. Paris because I have a dear friend there that I met through the blog world and would love to meet in person.

    Good luck with your classes! I hope this last bit is painless for you!

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