I'm leavin' today

I am totally stealing this idea from Mindy. Because it’s awesome. And I get to talk about food.

As she mentioned on her blog, our friend J-Dawg (heh) is moving to Indiana this weekend. Well, he’s a friend because of Mindy & her boy and all of our movie-going adventures.

Since he’s a drug pusher Trader Joe’s guy, today’s little tribute is my 10 favorite TJ’s items.

  1. Dark Chocolate Pretzel Thins and the Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Pretzels. These are crack, y’all. CRACK. So good. I just discovered the pretzel thins & they are delicious. I love that whole salty/sweet combo anyway, so pretzels + chocolate = LOVE.
  2. The Roasted Garlic Boule. You know I love a good crusty bread and this is great. It’s got whole cloves of garlic in it, people. YUM.
  3. Not a food, but the vitamin/supplements ROCK. I get all my probiotics there and have started picking up my Glucosamine & Flax Seed Oil there, too. Way cheaper than Target for basically the same stuff. Yay!
  4. Also not a food, but there are 3 bath products I love – the Nourish Spa shampoo & conditioner (sulfate-free!) & the honey mango Moisturinzing Cream Shave are awesome. AWESOME!
  5. Low Sodium Tongol canned tuna. TJ’s was the first place I found a low sodium tuna & it’s fantastic. I first bought it when Ziggy the Wondercat was throwing up ALL THE TIME because of his sensitive stomach & he’d get a little each night with his Miralax (hi, too much information about my cat’s digestive problems? You know how they say that pets & their owners become alike, right? This is TOO MUCH.). Anyway, I have since found him a good canned food made for actual cats, but still like the low sodium tuna for me.
  6. Candy Cane Joe-Joe’s. Sure, they’re only available in the winter/Christmas season, but they are goood. Think Oreo’s but better & then with candy cane pieces crushed up in the cream center. YUM. I have to limit myself to buying one box per year now that I’m trying to be healthy. Is it Christmas yet?
  7. Spanikopita. It’s in the frozen food section & I love it. Sadly, it hasn’t been purchased since I went on my health kick. Also in the frozen foods section – Shepherd’s Pie. It’s yummy, it cooks in the microwave, it’s less than 400 calories, & it has vegetables in it. Need I say more?
  8. Sweet Potato Frites. I’ve grown to love sweet potatoes & even though these probably aren’t as good for you as a nice baked sweet potato, I feel like I’m eating better if I pop a few of these in the oven to satisfy my french fry craving.
  9. The lovely cookies & candies lining top of the frozen foods aisle. The milk chocolate clouds, mini peanut butter cups, southern pecan cookies, and all that other deliciousness I shouldn’t be eating anymore.
  10. The Roasted Garlic Hummus. I love garlic. Hummus is okay. But this is DIVINE. So good slathered on some pita bread. Or as a veggie dip. Or just straight into my mouth. Delicious.

Mindy also brought up a much missed item – the cinnamon apples in the dried fruits section. I loved those. I ate them with abandon. And the last few times I’ve been in (okay EVERY TIME in the past 6 months) I keep looking for them as if they will magically disappear. Where are my cinnamon apples, Trader Joe’s? (while I’m at it, B wants to know where his drummies at.)


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  1. May I just go on record as saying it is NOT NICE to taunt the non-Trader-Joe’s-having portions of the U.S. with descriptions of all of their much-desired goodness. Why, oh, why won’t they build one in Kansas City?!?

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