can't keep control

I keep complaining and stressing out about this plateau I’m on weight-loss wise, but can’t figure out what to do about it. The reality is that I’ve been under some work-related stress, haven’t been sleeping well, and haven’t been eating well. I could probably be in the gym 2 hours a day 7 days a week and still not lose weight with all this other stuff going on.

I can’t do anything about the stress at the moment. It’s just part of life. I have to deal.

I’m doing better with the sleeping since I started taking the melatonin, but I think that’ll take a bit to really kick in and get me back to “normal”.

But the food – oh, the food has been the bane of my existence lately. And just today I got an email in my inbox from the RealAge site*about a 2-week “diet” to basically get a nice jump start, which I kind of need again. So I checked it out and I have issues.

  1. I don’t have time to do more for breakfast than grab a quick bar (right now the breakfast of choice is the Chocolate Chip Odwalla bar, available at a Target near you) and run. I know that I won’t get up earlier in the morning to fix a freakin’ egg white omelette or even take the time to hard boil eggs to have on hand.
  2. The lunch options are 95% salads of some kind, sometimes paired with a soup. Um, yeah. (a) I don’t do a lot of salad because it doesn’t like me. Spinach salad is fine. Romaine lettuce is fine. (b) The salads I do like I don’t like enough to eat every day. (c) There are a lot of vegetables that I don’t like & they are the main portion of the lettuce free salads. So, no, I will not be making a cucumber salad anytime soon, thank you.
  3. All of the dinner options are from their recipes. Which is probably fine if you have the money to go out and buy all new stuff to create these things, but I do not. I’m trying to lose weight on a budget. I have a lot of fish and chicken in my freezer. I have spices. I have frozen veggies. Can’t the recipes just be made from those things and not involve me going out to buy things like wasabi and asparagus?
  4. When I plan the day with the foods I would eat, it amounts to somewhere around 1100 calories a day. Clearly that’s not going to work for me.

I feel like I’m making excuses and, in part, I am. But I know that I won’t take the time to make these things, so I need a plan that works with what I’ve got. There are good things about their plan, though. The snacks for the day are at least partially what I try to eat each day (I’m not always successful at sticking with these things, but I try. Most of the time.) – banana (am), apple & some raw nuts, I usually go for almonds (pm).

I think I need to look over the plan more. See what it really says. See if it will work for me with some modificiations. And above all, I need to find something that will work for me and PLAN AHEAD. If I can get lunch on track at work & keep up with cooking a dinner chock full of fish/chicken and veggies, I think I’ll do better. I just need to commit and do it.

It seems futile to complain if I’m not going to make changes. Again.

It’s just like starting over.

*yes, I signed up and my Real Age is 29 (the calendar says I’m 34). Which shocked the hell out of me. I thought I’d be 40-something.


2 thoughts on “can't keep control

  1. I’m not sure if you’re open to suggestions or not, but in case you are, mine is just to follow the Weight Watchers number of points each day for your present weight. If you really follow it, you will undoubtedly take off weight in a week, whether you go to the gym or not.

    Good luck, I’m rooting for you. Just a little additional effort and concentration will have you back on top of the world.

  2. Okay, forget the egg whites, my doctor told me to drop them a long time ago. Swith to Carnation with Milk, it has the same protein as egg whites, plus the vitamins. There are also Carnation bars too, I think. And it’s really filling.
    I don’t like lettuce, so my salads are usually cut up tomatoes, and cucumbers with ranch, that has been my supper as of late. Rachel Ray also has some cool different flavors of cottage cheese. I don’t personally like cottage cheese but I really like this stuff. I’ll let you know of anything else I come up with. Still fighting the weight loss too.

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