Whatever, whatever. I do what I want!*

These are the things that are on my mind (a bulleted list in one part):

  • I have not lost any weight since mid-May. I haven’t gained any, but I have been on this hell of a plateau for 2 1/2 months. And I am PISSED about it. Of course, the lunchtime potluck today did not help matters, but whatever. It was delicious.
  • I DID NOT APPROVE THE USE OF NEEDLES FOR A CT SCAN ON FRIDAY. I am completely overreacting and I know this, but I’ve never had to have an IV for anything. I have bad veins. I’m a hard stick for a blood draw. This makes me uncomfortable when someone who is only “pretty good” at getting the needle in will be in charge. I want someone who does it all day every day. I need a professional needle sticker.
  • I spent a good portion of last night baking and cooking for the Youngster’s going away party with the unfortunate result that More To Love spent another hour on my tv (I was too tired to decide on a DVD). Let’s talk about it for a moment again – I have two things that really bothered me (other than the general cattiness of certain girls). 1. Girl K**. You have known this guy for about 3 days at this point. YOU ARE NOT IN LOVE WITH HIM. I know the object of the show is to fall in love with him, but that does not mean that you should think that you are “falling in love with him” after 3 days. 2. Girl M, I know that having a first date EVER is awkward, especially when you are in a group and it’s on TV. And yes, even more awkward in a bathing suit. But if you say you aren’t comfortable with the way your thighs look, why the HELL did I see you walking out of the house in a short skirt that exposed them? Seriously? Also, you are a pretty girl. Yes, you are heavy, but you’re pretty. You need to realize that & love yourself. More than any of the other girls on the show, I worry about you. 3. (Because I can) I like Bonnie. She is tatooed & I hope we get to see her more. Less snotty bitches, more tattooed Bonnie. Thank you.
  • I started taking melatonin to help me with the sleeping and oh, my. I am having some FREAKY ASS dreams. I don’t think they are weirder than normal, I just seem to keep dreaming them instead of waking up during them now. Seriously, weird dreams. I am not an advertisement for a good night’s sleep right now.

There was something else. There’s always something else. I had a short list of things after I got done at the gym yesterday & I know at least one of them didn’t make it from my brain to the blog. Ah, well. Whatever.

*You can thank Cartman from South Park for this. It’s stuck in my head and often the response to anything lately. Said in my Cartman voice, even. Picture that, would you?

**I am using their initials because I can’t be bothered to look up how to spell their first names and I hate when the names are spelled wrong. That is all.


3 thoughts on “Whatever, whatever. I do what I want!*

  1. re needles: ask for a butterfly needle/iv in your hand. Tell them you have bad veins. The end. It will rock. Believe me. Then again if you are getting your CT in the hospital they have one person in the lab who just does IV all day every day and they generally are amazing.

  2. Try not to worry about the CT scan everything will go fine. Hoprfully needle stick will be quuick and smooth. Just keep talking to the people and make them think that you are their “best” freind:)

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